Cranwell Spa & Resort

The Cranwell Spa & Resort in Lenox, MA, has a very regal, castled, fit-for-royalty vibe to it, which is exactly why it was the perfect spot for Lora’s bachelorette weekend.

Besides an award winning spa (one of the largest in the Northeast) and restaurants to suit both fine and casual dining, the resort also boasts a mansion. And who doesn’t love a good mansion?! The Wyndhurst was built in 1894 by John Sloane (a relative of the Vanderbilts) as a “cottage.” In those days (the Gilded Age) the “cottage era” defined cottages as a secondary residence with a minimum of 30 rooms and 20 acres. Can you even imagine?!

In attendance for Lora’s “bachelorette weekend!!!” were the two of us, Lora’s younger sister, Holly, plus our friend, the fabulous, the entertaining, Kimberley Locke!

A quick hour or so drive up Route 7 to Lenox, MA, and we were there, ready to do bachelorette things, whatever they would be…


First stop – check in with the super helpful Billy. He gave us all the information we would need (plus a map) so that we could make the most of our weekend at Cranwell.


The second we get to our spacious, adjoining rooms in the Carriage House, the showering of gifts begins.

Lora beat us to it (that sneaky, awesome one!). She’d had personalized silk robes made, shipped, and had placed on each of our beds ahead of time!


When we stopped squealing about that…we started to rain Lora with gifts.

Among them were standard “bachelorette” items, such as tiaras (Lora’s having the added veil to distinguish her as THE bachelorette), bling rings, necklaces, and pins. Keeping it classy, as Lora had requested 😉


It was decided that we should wear as many bachelorette accessories as possible, and swan our way over to the spa…where they were waiting for us…with special pink bachelorette robes!


One blissful hour later, we gathered again in the quiet room, and quickly realized this is not the best place for us…so we headed to the hot tub and steam rooms to discuss our treatments.  With over 50 spa services to choose from, we were all able to get exactly what we wanted. Lora went for an “Inner Strength” aromatherapy massage, Kimberley had a reflexology session, Holly the spa shaping exfoliation, and I went for a “De-Stress Muscle” aromatherapy massage. 


Here we have the relaxed bachelorette squad!


Next on the agenda – lunch at Sloane’s Tavern, and of course, a beverage; we’re celebrating Lora, weddings, and happiness! We’re able to take in the latest in golf fashion as players tee off at the 1st hole of the 18-hole course, just outside the window.


Asparagus fries and fish tacos, a must!


We thought about hijacking this golf cart and doing something wild and bachelorett-y – then we thought better of it and just asked a nice staff member to take our pic.


An afternoon drink on the Rose Terrace while taking in the beautiful Berkshires is next. We can just imagine the legendary parties that took place here over the years.


Lora is pretty happy about getting married! Ya think?


Having a “Great Gatsby life is wonderful – wearing a tiara – drinking a beverage in the sun” moment.

We’re all feeling more fabulous as the day goes on and decide the time is right for us to don our beautiful Winlar caftans, and use the Cranwell resort as the perfect backdrop for a mini photoshoot.

You’ll have to wait until Friday for the full caftan post…but here, see how caftans and mansions go so well together!


Back at our rooms before dinner, we sip Champagne and start our game of “how well do you know the bachelorette?”

One example, and one example only (what is said at a bachelorette party stays with the bachelorette party):

Question – “What is the best dish she ever made for you?”

Pretty much all together:

Bev “Cheese and crackers”

Kimberley “Wine!”

Holly “Cheese plate!”

We got a bit caught up in the game and before we knew it, there was only 5 minutes until we were due to be in the mansion for dinner. As much as Lora and Kimberley begged and pleaded to remain in their caftans, Holly and I insisted they change. We saw no point in missing an outfit change opportunity.

Our perfect day was rounded out with a prix fixe contemporary cuisine dinner menu, served in the elegant Wyndhurst Room in the mansion.


Post dinner we… choose however you want this to end 🙂

a) Went on a wild bachelorette rampage and streaked across the 18th hole

b) Fell asleep in our too comfortable rooms by 11:30PM

c) Flew to Vegas, had Andy Garcia pick us up in a limo, went dancing, and got back to the Cranwell by 7AM.

Feeling as fresh as daisies the next morning…we hit the extensive breakfast buffet, and then hit the road home!


A weekend getaway we’ll not soon forget!

Thank you to Deanna, Kaitlyn, Billy, Sandee, and the rest of the fabulous team at Cranwell!

Cranwell Spa & Golf Resort

55 Lee Road, Lenox, MA 01240


Cranwell is a member of the National Trust Historic Hotels of America (HHA)

Photos: Lora Words: Bev

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