The Wedding Embassy

“Every bride is beautiful. It’s like newborn babies or puppies. They can’t help it.” Emme Rollins

Well, that’s a relief! It takes a little of the pressure off…but seriously, read on to see why The Wedding Embassy is where I chose to find my gown and my bridal party’s dresses.

THE dress

The search for THE dress is a pretty big deal in any bride’s planning for the big day…so I headed to The Wedding Embassy in the Oakville section of Watertown with my 2 matrons of honor; Holly (my sister), and Bev (you know her), and my lovely mom.

This post is compiled from 3 separate visits to The Wedding Embassy. First with my bridal party and mom to do try-ons, and second – when I went back again and found the ONE (can’t show you pics of that trip!) and then a third time with Holly, Bev, and my mom to find their dresses – which they did, and they are amazing! You’ll have to wait for the wedding post to see what we all finally chose. πŸ˜‰

Check out the video below then keep reading and see more pics! (Note: my final selection is not shown in the video. We pretended just to hold up the cards lol – have to save that for the big day!)

Ready to head inside…

Champagne Sunday


I booked my private “Champagne Sunday” appointment with the store owner, Megan Dumaine. She greeted us with a great smile and some goodies, including the aforementioned champagne. Cheers!


So many racks of heavenly-colored gorgeousness! But WE makes it easy…each row is organized by style: mermaid, strapless, ball gown, sheath, etc.


First step, we all grab red clips and walk through the showroom and tag any dresses we like and any that my mom and MOHs want to see me in. I brought in a few pictures of dresses I saw in magazines and got to try them on. They have such a large selection!


Don’t all brides do kissy faces?


Ok, I’ll be serious…

Megan really is so great to work with. She’s honest, fun, and knows her wedding dresses! It felt so great to know I had the perfect dress for me – just after I made some changes to it. πŸ™‚ Luckily, they have an amazing alterations team so I can tweak it just the way I want.

The Wedding Embassy has a lot of options for MOTB and bridesmaids. Try on the sample, pick the color, get measured, order, and then head back for alterations when it arrives. Easy-peasy!


They also have a lot of bling, which I love! Belts, hair clips, jewelry, veils….basically get as blinged out as you want.


We had the best time and can’t thank Megan and Hannah enough for being so wonderful. Please make sure you head to the WE for your next event, wedding, tuxedo rental needs…they are fabulous. And tell them we sent you. πŸ˜‰


The Wedding Embassy, 1900 Watertown Avenue, Watertown, CT

Words by Lora, photos by Lora & Bev
Video by Tim Lenz

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