Our New Year Resolutions…

…yeah, you saw those dots. We take new years resolutions with a grain of salt because we think every day is a day to resolve to be more fabulous than yesterday!

In any case, here we have our resolutions for 2017…we’ll try our best to stick to them. Please comment below with any of yours, however serious or funny. We love it when you comment, share, like, heart, emoji, whatever us. 😁😁🙋🏼🙋🏼

We can’t believe how many amazing people we’ve met and businesses we “unlocked” in 2016 (hence the trip down memory lane with all the pics above)! We’re so excited for 2017 and the adventures we’ll surely have…and of course, we can’t wait to launch Unlocking Fairfield (January 9th, btw).

Happy New Year everyone!


In 2017…

Lora – I will try to swap my multiple-coffees-a-day for water…..(a part of me is dying inside saying that…)

Bev – I will not use the words “on fleek” in a blog post, ever. (S*&T just did)

Lora – I will work on filling up my gas tank completely each time. This “I only have time to fill up a 1/4 tank right now” habit only results in stopping at the gas station 4 times a week…..ugh.

Bev – I will turn down the music in my car before turning off the engine, therefore protecting the ears of the next driver in car, i.e. husband. 

Lora – I will ensure that Bev and I eat food before imbibing in Prosecco at events…

Bev – I will try to keep up with Lora’s shoe habit. #Shoe goals. 

Lora – I will try and calm down my shoe habit…

Bev – The usual; I will drink more water, stretch more, and eat more vegetables. 

Lora – I will try and love fitness features as much as Bev does 😉

Bev – We will do more FITNESS posts on Unlocking Litchfield! (This one got an exclamation point so it must be true)

And 5 resolutions you can incorporate that will make UL happy!

1. If you aren’t active on social media and you own a business, then set an account up (we love Instagram the best!). It’s free marketing, people. Free.

2. Continue to like UL’s posts and leave comments on our blog posts! We’d love that!

3. Place an ad on our website or newsletter! Starting at only $50 a month!

4. Frequent businesses we’ve featured, and tell them you saw them on our pages!

5. Do what makes you happy 🙂

Go on….just one little comment…. ⬇️ 💁🏻