Virtual cooking with ROÌA Restaurant

There’s no time like the present to take advantage of the awesome virtual cooking classes being offered by local restaurants right now. We decided to step out of our comfort zone and into Lora’s kitchen for a FUN evening of Columbian cooking with Chef Avi from ROÌA Restaurant in New Haven. See how we did!

ROÌA Restaurant virtual cooking classes

Before we get started, you’ll want to just go ahead and sign up for Chef Avi Szapiro’s next class after you scroll through this post. Trust us 😄. It’s February 13th and a perfect Valentine’s/Galentine’s thing to do! You can register and then pick up the ingredients kit at the restaurant, or you can do a remote class and buy the items from a shopping list they send you in advance. All the details are here.

Got kids?

They have cooking classes for budding chefs! Check that out here!

Our Columbian themed class…watch and learn from us 🤣

As you’ll see, we don’t have natural kitchen skills. But what we lack in cooking abilities, we make up for in the ability to laugh at ourselves and have a good time anyway. Lol!

We absolutely loved the experience, and despite a few mishaps on our part, created a fabulous ROÌA worthy meal. We now feel quite proficient in making arepas.

Collect + Prep

After signing up for the class, we were sent instructions, ingredients, and recipes in advance, plus a list of equipment we’d need. We picked up our bag of numbered ingredients (makes instructions easy during class!) + cocktail makings from ROÌA before the class. Wow, what a beautiful restaurant!

We’ll be visiting and toasting ROÌA when they open the restaurant again! But in the meantime, we can all learn how to cook like Chef Avi at home!

The menu:

  • Aqua de Panela Fizz
  • Ajiaco (a chicken, potato, cilantro, guascas, avocado, capers, soup!!)
  • Arepa de Choclo – a corny frittery delicious carrier for fresh..
  • Aji Salsa

Zoom Time!

At 6PM we Zoomed on into Chef Avi’s kitchen in ROÌA and joined a party of about 50 other boxes of couples and families. Fun!

And we were off! Avi gets things rolling with a Bourbon cocktail that we loved so much! We’re not usually Bourbon drinkers, but this was extremely delicious. Will make it again!

Starting things off with a cocktail lesson 👌…

Aqua de Panela Fizz

Photo: Roia Restaurant

And now we cook!

Snapchat filter, then cook, because priorities.

We pulled it off! By following Avi’s instructions and being thankful for others asking the questions we were about to ask (lol)…we made a really delicious meal.

Chef Avi…

…was very patient with his 50 or so attendees asking for some repeat instructions. 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️ Chef Avi, “Where does the lime go?”

He kept us all entertained as we waited for our arepas to brown in the pan and our Ajiaco to simmer. We learned how to spatchcock a chicken from celeb chef and guest Nathan Lyon, and Avi told us about the Columbian food we were making.

Photo: Roia Restaurant

So proud of our new culinary skills!

There’s something about making a meal from almost scratch (we loved getting all the prepped ingredients from ROÌA!). We definitely think we earned our Columbian cooking badge this evening!

Perhaps because we knew the concentrated effort we put into this meal, it was all the more delicious when we sat down to eat at the end of the evening! Two thumbs up for virtual cooking…at home entertainment with a meal at the end of the class.

Photo: Roia Restaurant

Chef’s kiss to that!

Virtual cooking with ROÌA Restaurant – 261 College St, New Haven, CT 06510

Words: Bev Pics/Video: Lora, except as noted

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