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We’re Unlocking Connecticut®—two fun-loving BFFs sharing our adventures, stories, and experiences in the beautiful Nutmeg State (and sometimes beyond!). Bev’s entertaining words and Lora’s photographic eye are the perfect pairing to unlock the stories of local businesses in a fresh and fun-filled style. Sign-up for our newsletter or follow us on Instagram for more of our antics and, of course, ideas on where to go and what to see!

Photo by Loghan Rose Photography

Since we’re always interviewing others and learning about their stories for our blog, we thought we’d ask each other a few questions to give you an insight into our own worlds.

Here goes…!

Meet Bev Canepari

Tell us what you love most about Connecticut and what you do when you’re not blogging.

I’m a curious sort and never want to stop exploring, even if it’s just one or two towns away. I love combining this with my love of writing and sharing the little gems we’ve discovered with everyone else! When I’m not writing stories for the blog, you can find me fixing up a house with my husband,  doting on my Great Dane, Clyde, working out at REVV, binge-watching Netflix, shopping, eating, and drinking wine + coffee!

You were born in Scotland. What brings you to Connecticut?

Destiny and summer camp! I came here at the carefree age of 19 to work at Buck’s Rock Camp, met my husband there, and ended up working there for the next 28 years! I just switched over to self-employed life. Gulp.

Are you a homebody or a social butterfly?

A bit of both. I’m a laid back Taurean, but I try to maintain a calendar filled to the max with as many fun experiences as is humanly possible. 

Lots of your posts are about food. Do you have a favorite cuisine?

Cheese, warm bread + butter, any dip is all I really need in life, but kinda love it all. I suspect I may have starved in a past life because I’m always thinking about my next meal.

Disclaimer: Bev was born and grew up in Scotland, therefore, anything she says or writes in a “different” way, or any grammatical errors, must be excused and put down to, “that must be how they say/do it in the UK.”

Meet Lora Karam

You’re the photographer, always catching other people’s smiles. Tell us about the things that make you happy.

Photography is my passion. I run my own celebrity and portrait photography company (www.lorakaram.com), and I love capturing the true beauty of people in my photos. When I don’t have a camera to my face you can find me at my main job at Theatre Projects, hanging out with my husband and three cats, laughing, listening to suspense novels on Audible, shopping, hiking, adding cat pins to Pinterest, and thinking about food and wine (hmm… maybe food and wine should have gone first).

Why Connecticut? What made you want to unlock it?

I’m a Connecticut girl! Born and bred. A few stints in Vermont, Utah, and Colorado, but CT has my heart.

What keeps you going?

I need to explore new things often. Life’s short, people.

What’s the first thing you do every day?

I’m a morning person, but making coffee is the first task at hand. I need that little boost first thing!

Describe yourself in a nutshell.

Nature lover. I love shooting it, walking in it, breathing it. It’s my sanctuary. 

What’s your star sign? And does your sign suit your personality?

I’m a true Libra. I like balance, peace, and harmony.

As a photographer and a fashion lover, you’re a very visual person. Do you have a favorite color?

I do love fashion! I love almost everything by Milly, Zadig and Voltaire, and Chloe, and I dig Kate Moss’ style. My favorite color is white. I’m totally obsessed with it.

And finally, do you have any useless superpowers?

I find typos regularly on menus. I’m not looking for them, they just pop out at me. I’m detail-oriented, and I work fast. In fact, I typed this up in 1 minute 24 seconds.