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Brighten up your life and pay Bouquets & Beyond Florals in Woodbury a visit next time you’re in the area. We couldn’t believe our eyes when we walked through the door. It took us a while to shut our gaping mouths! The store is breathtaking.

Come, we’ll show you around and pretend we know the names of flowers…

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Bouquets & Beyond opened in January 2017. Brenda Christie, the founder and creative director of Bouquets & Beyond, started off as a home-based weddings and events business over fifteen years ago. She had always visualized an upscale floral boutique that would serve the local area showcasing a style and vision that only existed in New York City and Fairfield County.

Mission accomplished, we say.

Bouquets & Beyond design for every-day and special occasions, corporate events, weddings, sympathy tributes, home décor, and anything else you can imagine. Even a single red rose. 

Everything pops against the black walls – senses are ignited!

Brenda Christie – floral artist

Brenda is a two-time, Connecticut Florists Association award-winning designer. Not only that but she was also named 2016 Floral Designer of the Year for the Northeast Region, at the prestigious Northeast Floral Expo.  

Her signature style combines modern glamour and classic elegance. She loves to work with texture and color for a look that’s fresh, dynamic, and timeless.

Brenda left behind the corporate world to follow her dream and passion. An inspiring entrepreneur, she has a natural talent and lives to make her customers happy with what she does.  Most importantly, we love her – go see her!

Besides the highest quality floral products available from all over the world, Bouquets & Beyond also carries unique decorative accessories. 

The part where we pretend to know the names of flowers…

Bouquets & Beyond stock traditional favorites plus some more unusual flowers like; different varieties of Proteas including King Proteas, Vanda, Orchids, Gloriosa, Lady Slipper Orchids, Cymbidium Orchids, Anthurium, Helleborus. 

How to elevate and adorn an orchid plant

The part where we, and you, learn from the experts! When treated nicely, (Brenda has loads of tips) an orchid can last for years. Might as well dress it up a little!

  • Pop your orchid in its original grower’s pot into a beautiful decorative pot you already own (or buy).
  • Get rid of the plastic clip. #Basic.
  • Add a branch of choice (Manzanita, Pussy Willow), and ditch the standard issue wooden stake.
  • Weight the plant with decorative stones.
  • Add pretty deer moss (comes in many colors).
  • Add cones (always in odd numbers – just because!).
  • Attach the orchid gently to the branch using gardener’s wire. 

Whether it’s a large event, a corporate design, home installation, a special occasion design, or a sweet and petite floral arrangement, Bouquets & Beyond creates memorable moments and experiences that exceed expectations.

Be on the lookout for floral arrangement classes in the future, but in the meantime, stop by Bouquets & Beyond and watch as Brenda and her team work their magic in front of your very eyes! 

A creative ceiling treatment by Brenda!
Spray painted leaves = glam

Bouquets & Beyond

787 Main Street, Suite B4, Woodbury, Connecticut 06798

Pics: Lora / Words: Bev

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  1. Nancy Robinson says:

    So glad to read your feature story on Bouquets & Beyond! It is certainly worthy of the recognition it brings to them!
    The designs and arrangement coming from their floral shop are upscale, unique and nothing short of spectacular! The owner Brenda Christie is talented and incredibly easy to deal with, really listening to what you are looking for and then providing wonderful insight into what florals and design she might use to capture that feel….We have always been very happy with her work on several varied occasions.
    Those looking for something special are fortunate to have her shop in this area…unlike anything else around us….. the first time I stopped in to her BEAUTIFUL shop to speak to her it was obvious that what she had to offer was unlike any other floral shop in the area!
    Nancy R.

  2. Brenda Christie says:

    Thank you so much Nancy for your very kind words!!! We greatly appreciate it!!
    Best always,
    Brenda Christie

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