Fearlessly Facing Fifty

Ridgefield resident Amy Schmidt’s weekly podcast Fearlessly Facing Fifty can be found on iTunes, Spotify, or anywhere you search for podcasts. Each week Amy talks with an expert (she just had financial expert Jean Chatzky on a couple of episodes ago), as well as sharing inspiring stories of women that are putting their fears aside and going all-in on Act 2. 

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And guess who was interviewed when we went to meet Amy at her lovely home for this post!? Yes, here’s Unlocking Connecticut X Fearlessly Facing Fifty!

She’s got skills! In 22 minutes we covered…

  • how we met and started Unlocking LLC
  • why it wasn’t scary for us to launch our blog
  • breaking out of comfort zones
  • where we’d like Unlocking to be in 5 years
  • if we ever disagree
  • and advice we’d give other women thinking about pursuing their next dream

Go have a listen to What happens when you put 3 women & a mic together?

Ok, Amy, your turn! 🙂

Why Fearlessly Facing Fifty?

As I had more and more conversations with women and friends, I was finding there was a common thread. At this phase of life, we as women change and we’re needed differently. Most of what we go through, we never talk about. So it’s my mission to empower and encourage women over 40, 50, 60, and beyond to begin taking on this phase with confidence. 2020 is a big year for me. I turn 50 this month! (February). 

What are some of the topics you cover?

I have conversations with women experts about women’s health, menopause, sex after 40, and beyond. My podcast, blog, and Facebook group are all geared towards building a community of women over 40, that are ready to open the dialogue, link arms and realize that they haven’t peaked yet, and they’re just getting started.

You’re proving it…you just started your podcast last year and already have a great following!

The best part of taking on this business at 50 is simple. It embraces a lifetime learning. Did I know how to put together a website? Not a clue. Did I ever think I could produce, edit, and develop my own content for a podcast that would reach thousands of people? It’s my story – and it’s real.  If you take on this stage of life with confidence, and not become invisible or outdated, and challenge yourself in new ways – it’s the best time of your life.

We couldn’t agree more!

Unlocking Connecticut X Fearlessly Facing Fifty!

What else? We know you’re overflowing!

I want to lead discussions with women’s groups locally and around the country, arming them with the tools and resources they need to take on Act 2 with confidence. My goal is to also launch a 6 part web series this year – which will dig deep into the topics that are top of mind at midlife and beyond for women. 

READERS: If you want to share your story – and become part of the dialogue…now’s your time. Contact Amy for details.  

Where do you get your inspiration?

One of my mentors is Rachel Hollis who I admire and has opened my eyes to ways of thinking that I hadn’t realized. My vision is to be the Rachel Hollis voice for women over 40, 50 and beyond. I want women to push that age stigma to the curb…..50 isn’t the new 30. 50 is 50, and it’s just the beginning of something great. 

Upcoming events?

I’ll be launching my book this spring – the year I turn 50 – so it’s a big birthday gift to me. Launch events will be listed on my website and there will be a big ‘launch’ party!

Anything else you want our readers to know?

I’m working hard to spread the word through social media, my website, and podcast – but as you know it’s a challenge – so like I always say, “please share Fearlessly Facing Fifty” with family and friends, and any random person on the street…

2020 is going to be absofricklutely ahhhmazing…..I use that word a lot and I challenge anyone that plays me in Scrabble…it’s a word. I pull the ‘age card’ with that word – and win every time.

Amy Schmidt, CEO of AKS & Associates and Founder of Fearlessly Facing Fifty

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