How to look more profesh on video calls

Well, that escalated quickly! If you weren’t partaking in many video/Skype/Zoom conferences before, you probably are now! We wanted to pass on a few simple tips from Lora, our co-founder and photographer, and the one with a really good eye for making things look their best!

Read on for how to look more profesh on video calls…

It’s all about the lighting.

Position your workspace next to a window, if possible. The sunlight should be coming in directly in front of you. Make sure the light isn’t behind you or you’ll look dark.

Also, try to avoid overhead lights. They cause shadows under your nose and it’s just not flattering. You can also just put a lamp behind your camera by your monitor that has a white or daylight bulb in it. And a ring light works too if you have one!

No one wants to look up your nose.

Bring your laptop camera up to eye or hairline level by putting your computer on a riser or by simply stacking some books!

And don’t be too close. Shoulders should be in the frame, and make sure there’s some space above your head.

Learn tips and shortcuts for the program you’re using.

We love pressing the space bar in Zoom to mute/unmute yourself! Note: always mute the mic if you decide to eat on a call, have a screaming child in the next room, have a barking dog, or aren’t currently speaking (*psst, see below for more Zoom tips).

You know you look at other attendees’ home/background? That means…

They’re looking at yours too. Keep the area in the camera’s view clean and organized. 

Working from home often means you don’t have to dress up…

…but you should still keep it professional. Iron your top, do your hair, be clean. And turn off your camera before you get up in the middle of a meeting if you happen to be wearing SpongeBob PJs or other nightwear below the belt (hey, we don’t judge). 😬

Have family members in the house?

Hang a sign on the door in your office or room that you’re using for calls to let kids and significant others know when you’re on a call. Remember this??

It’s not you, it’s the camera…

Webcams can often make your face appear flat and washed out. Add a little blush and highlighter for a quick glow. Mascara never hurt anyone either.

And here’s 3 more Zoom tips we use a lot:

  • Something fun. The handy dandy appearance filter when you could use a little “freshening up.” See below.
  • Add a cool backdrop or your logo (also good for hiding a messy house). In settings, hit virtual background (if using the app), choose one that Zoom provides, or upload a pic of your own! Or see below to also find that option.
  • On a lot of calls and can’t remember everyone’s names? Easy. Just go to Settings > Video and check off  “Always display participant’s name on their videos.”

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