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Come along, kids! We’re going to show you what’s going on at The Silly Sprout, a shop for children located at 469 Bantam Road, Litchfield [Since this was posted, The Silly Sprout has moved to 7 West St, Litchfield, CT]. We met with owner Jessica Dell’aera for the full tour…and to see what the kids of Litchfield County are into these days.

Jessica Dell’aera opened The Silly Sprout in 2015 after she realized that the area lacked a one-stop children’s shopping experience. They carry toys, gifts, and clothing for children birth to ten.

When the building that houses The Silly Sprout became available, Jessica fell in love and knew it was perfect for her plans. A graduate of FIT and an interior designer, she worked with the owner to give the building a complete makeover and reclaim a lot of its original character.


Jessica thought of pretty much everything when she designed the store and layout. When you come in with your child and he/she goes tearing through it…. like a kid in a toy shop…well, you can know that there’s only one exit…and that they’ll very likely find their way to the playroom in the back. Which is good, let the parents shop!

The Silly Sprout – Jessica explained that the name and cute logo symbolizes the age range they cater to. Babies when they are just a little sprout, to the sprouted sprout, age ten-ish!


Store Manager (left) – Sara Hughes            Owner (right) – Jessica Dell’aera



They carry all the necessities + toys and gifts. Even swim diapers! Baby shower gifts are easy here. In fact, all gift buying is easy here. Gift wrapping is always complimentary, and if you’re stumped on what to buy for your niece/nephew/grandchild, just ask, they have tons of suggestions.


Litchfield County Baby Favorite: Rody (comes in adult size too…just saying)


Lora found her favorite toy in the baby section.



The two main lines they carry are Hatley and the Tea Collection. Cozy PJs, rain jackets, perfect party outfits, and more!



Another example of Jessica thinking of everything: complimentary coffee for the adults and snacks for the kids can be found in the book nook. New books are brought into the store frequently keeping things fresh, and always worth a repeat visit.


I LIKE GUM by Doreen Tango Hampton, Litchfield resident (all copies are signed).



With a little help and input from Jessica’s two children (6-year-old Abby, 8-year-old Mikey) The Silly Sprout carries unique, quality, inspiring toys. Most of the toys they have here can’t be found in big box stores. Art supplies, dress up, magic, imaginary play items, science collections, and build-your-own kits, along with many of the classics. All here; all way better toys than when we were kids!

Litchfield County 5+ favorites:



The play space in the back of the store is the place to hang out while parents shop. Watch a little Disney, hang out on Rody, practice your alphabet on the chalkboard, and definitely, be nice to others.


There was no wooden sushi in my day…a wooden cupcake if I was lucky!


Soon after opening, Jessica observed that kids didn’t want to leave the store. A bit more renovating and redesigning of the basement later….

The Studio


Check out their weekly schedule here. More classes being added and baby yoga classes coming soon!


Abby shows Lora how to bead…


And Maddy shows me how to paint a plaster mold…


Birthday Parties

Ninety minutes of fun, fun, fun! Throw a creative birthday party at The Silly Sprout and give your child and 11 friends exclusive use of The Studio. The best part? Set up and clean up provided! Give them a call for more details.


And that’s The Silly Sprout! Yeehaw!


7 West St, Litchfield, CT


Pics: Lora / Words: Bev

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