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Living in CT means living with hat head and staticky hair throughout the winter months. We’re so over it! With zero percent humidity and icy cold weather for days on end, we were both in need of a hair pick-me-up. We stopped at Etre Beau Salon and Blow Dry Bar in New Milford to meet the lovely ladies and take our hats off so they could help us! There’s nothing like a blow out to lift the spirits!

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The Blow Out

Blowouts are such a great affordable life luxury. We just wish we had time to get them more often! It doesn’t take a stylist long to miraculously style your hair better than you could ever dream of achieving. How do they do that?! Our stylists Romina and Taylor were more than happy to share all their tips with us. But first, a little about the salon.

Left – Jo Anne Costello (salon manager) Middle – Romina Belkouchi (owner + stylist) Right – Taylor Kaplan (stylist)

Etre Beau

Owned by Romina Belkouchi, Etre Beau is a modern salon with a full menu of services from haircuts to extensions. They specialize in color, and wash and style. If you need a killer blow dry for an event or the weekend, you can get it here!

Etre Beau’s stylists are constantly educating themselves on the newest techniques. Next up: Balayage Boot Camp with one of the top educators in the industry!

The story so far…

Romina has been doing hair for 22 years and always aspired to own her own salon. In 2000, after working at other salons locally for a number of years, she opened Etre Beau in New Preston, CT. In that location, they offered massages, facials and manicure/pedicure services. This past August, they moved to their current location to be closer to downtown New Milford. Now, they focus the business strictly on hair.

On Friday nights, they have wine and cheese evenings and offer pop-up services like microblading. They hope to host other events in the space soon including vendor parties, and small group yoga. Stay tuned!

The Vibe

The new space can be described as modern farmhouse industrial with a cozy + funky vibe! Romina designed the space and did all the renovations, including the stained floor, faux brick wall, and sliding barn door with the help of her handy husband and father. 

Hair Smoothing Tips…

  • Apply conditioner from the top down
  • Don’t rough towel dry your hair – gently squeeze out excess water
  • Apply styling product in the direction you want your hair to go
  • Blow-dry the hair to about 80% dry without using a brush
  • Use a concentrator on your blow dryer and always point the dryer down
  • Use a small brush to lift up the root and a big brush to smooth at the end of styling
  • Stop the static! Buy a moisture mist for hair

Unlocking Discount? Yes, please!

Etre Beau would like to offer 10% off any service to Unlocking readers. Just drop our name! 😉

Taylor told us about the “No Poo” diet – have you heard of it? As she explained, the hair becomes addicted to the ingredients in our shampoo, causing our hair to become oily quicker. To allow the hair to benefit from the natural oils we produce, we should try to go longer between shampoos. Apparently, after 1 month without shampoo, the hair and scalp correct….and then you never need shampoo again! We’re going to try going a tiny bit longer than we usually do, for me that’s 24 hours and Lora can go 2 days!

Blow dry forward to get more volume.


Etre Beau is an authorized retailer of Unite, whose products are sulfate-free, paraben-free, sodium chloride-free, and non-Animal tested. Unite encourages making cocktails of their products, i.e. combining is encouraged.

We couldn’t continue living without these products. The spray is awesome and the shampoo smells coconutty delicious!
Lora being tszujed! Bet you didn’t know how to spell that!
As long as I practice, I can never achieve these curls!
Ta-da! Feeling extra sassy!

Seriously, do yourself a favor and make an appointment for a blowout asap. We’re heading into February…you need the pick-me-up too!

Bev + Lora xo

Etre Beau Salon & Blow Dry Bar

60 Park Lane Road, New Milford, CT 06776


Pics: Lora/ Words: Bev

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