Hit us with your laser beam, Grace Medical!

Yet another reason we like to go visit Grace Medical Aesthetics (Southbury) is to have us some laser beam facials! Taking the facial to a whole other level, a medical level! Laser facials go much deeper and restore and repair the skin to look the best it’s ever looked! When we visited Grace Medical a couple of months ago, Charis Wipfler APRN-FNP, and her team of expert aestheticians and nurses put us each on a facial regime to tackle different issues. Here’s what you need to know about laser facials!

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#1 You get to wear cool glasses like these.

Bring back our collagen!

Joking aside, did you know our collagen production is slowing down as we sit here reading this blog post? And why is that bad? Because among many other things, collagen gives our skin strength and elasticity, i.e. a youthful look. Collagen production, as we learned, can be stimulated by different types of laser facials. Not only that, these medi-level facials can tackle hyperpigmentation, pore shrinking, tone evening, and fine lines. Count us in!

Customized skincare treatment plan

We each explained our skin woes and concerns which resulted in the following plan of treatments.

Bev: Silk Peel with Hydrating Serum, 1064 facial, medical facial (gentle chemical peel), and an IPL (photofacial).

Lora: 1540 fractionated laser or “baby fraxel” for two or three months, a medifacial chemical peel, and finally a micro-needling facial to give an amazing glow!

Charis and her team believe strongly in helping their customer’s skin to look spectacular. So much so, they offer a ridiculously reasonable facial monthly membership for $99 a month! This includes facials, which booked individually would cost $200. We love a bargain! Bring on the collagen, bring on the glow!

But first, Dermaplaning!

I will admit, this was my first experience of Dermaplaning….wasn’t even sure what it was, but said sure! Found out, it’s a small sterile blade that shaves off any dead skin cells and vellus hair. Between that and the laser facial, I can honestly say my skin has never felt so soft. Addicted!

Such a hot angle. Getting my first 1064 facial.

The 1064 experience

The 1064 is a great laser for any skin type. First comes the heating setting. Heating the tissue resurfaces and lifts lines up, constantly stimulating collagen. The second stage involves quick fast pulses which are shrinking the pores and evening the tone. It kind of feels like a sparkler being held up to your face! It’s definitely not a spa facial but it feels like it’s doing the business!

The 1540 experience

Good for hyperpigmentation and works at a different wavelength. More surface heating, deeper tissue. Also, builds collagen, tone, texture, and overall appearance.

The 1540 laser facial has slightly longer downtime after treatment with some redness (it lasts a couple of hours). I asked Lora to describe how it felt after. “Like a little zap each time, but only one pass, so it’s bearable. It feels like a sunburn. It continues to feel hot for a little bit.”

Again, doing the business!

You know what else you can get laser beamed at Grace Medical Aesthetics?

Laser hair removal. Let’s face it, waxing hurts and is a pain in the a$$…why have I never thought of getting laser hair removal sooner?

Using the Alma Soprano ICE machine, Grace Medical laser nurses use an in-motion diode laser, so no zaps…it just feels like an ultrasound of your armpit (or wherever).

It’s definitely a commitment and requires months of treatments, but by month 7-10 you can pretty much just do some upkeep sessions. Think of the convenience after you go through those initial months? Hair-be-gone!

Again, they have a redonk monthly membership deal – check out the Laser Hair Removal Membership, starting as little as $39/month!

We’ll keep you posted on our treatments, and will be well versed in all things facials by the end!


Grace Medical Aesthetics

800 Main Street S, Southbury, CT 06488


Pics: Lora / Words: Bev

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    1. Check out their site for pricing and to contact them for more info! https://www.gracemedicalaesthetics.com/skincare-lasers

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