The Bakehouse of Litchfield

Within Litchfield’s recently renovated jailhouse, you’ll find The Bakehouse, a lovely cell filled with the best of baked goods! Being that one of our mission statements is to try every bakery in CT, we stopped by, did a thorough taste-testing, and got the low-down. Read on…and because scratch and sniff websites still haven’t been invented, imagine the smell of fresh, baked pastries as you do so.

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Jeremy McKendry and Allison Varian opened The Bakehouse in May, after a three-year hunt for the perfect location. After searching in New Hampshire, Vermont, and almost settling on Lake Placid, Jeremy was on his way to a golf tournament in Harwinton when he saw the jailhouse. The two fell in love with the small town feel, and, well, here’s The Bakehouse!

Bakers gonna bake, bake, bake!

Jeremy and Allison are at The Bakehouse baking, selling, and doing all of the other million things small business owners do, from (get this), 3 AM to 7 PM. When we were setting up a time to visit, they said to stop by literally ANY time!

The two met at a Wholefoods in Yonkers, NY where Jeremy was the bread baker and Allison was the cake decorator. They began dating and moved on from Whole Foods. Jeremy went to Eataly, NY, and Allison to a purely gluten-free bakery called By the Way Bakery in Hastings-on-Hudson. Eventually, Jeremy came on as a bread baker there, becoming the head baker. Allison was the head cake decorator, and ultimately, it made sense to open up their own place. And so the journey to opening The Bakehouse began!

Question time with Allison

On your day off, what time do you sleep until?

7 AM is the latest!


Of all the things you make, what’s a favorite?

Our Speralonga or baguettes with fresh mozzarella and fresh tomatoes. Spergarola (above) is like ciabatta bread that Jeremy stretches by hand. It’s also perfect for French bread pizza!

What was it about Litchfield that you fell in love with?

It’s very much a walking town. People are out biking or with their dog and it’s a very family oriented town.

Mmm, cinnamon rolls…mmm.

Are Litchfielders early or late risers?

Litchfielders are slow risers! (We see a bread joke in there somewhere….?)

The almond cookies are gluten-free and dairy-free, and knocked our tastebuds off!

What did you do before this?

I was always in a bakery. I started in 2008. Jeremy went to the French Culinary Institute, NYC, one of the best, where he learned the art of French baking.

The Bakehouse sells hand-rolled French pastries such as croissants, pain au chocolat, cinnamon rolled croissants and fruit-filled croissants.

Jail time

The 1812 Litchfield County Jail is a former correctional facility in Litchfield, Connecticut. It is the town’s oldest public building. What was once a solitary confinement cell, is now flour storage for The Bakehouse. We love it and of course, had to go in and imagine what it must have been like…and promptly left to eat muffins.

Custom Cakes

Stop by, or call to discuss your next custom cake! The Bakehouse designs the cake with you according to your taste and budget. Pssst – unicorn cakes are making a come-back.

Photo by The Bakehouse
Photo by The Bakehouse

The Bakehouse of Litchfield

7 North Street, Litchfield, CT (on the corner of Route 202)

860 361 6423

Pics: Lora (unless noted)/ Words: Bev

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  1. Cecilia Wallace says:

    We’re from Harwinton and when my daughter dropped by she brought us some delights from your bakery. So far we have only had your banana breads, scones and those superb lemon filled cupcakes and I can honestly say they are the
    VERY BEST we’ve ever had! I plan to shop at your bakery myself! Thank you for coming to Litchfield!!!

  2. AMY WALLACE says:

    Brought more treats to Mom and Dad, the PEACH PIE and BLUEBERRY muffin….SLAM DUNK WINNERS!!!! Mom LOVED the pie crust (she is a great baker herself)!. See you next Sunday for more! Thank you Jeremy for recommending the Peach Pie, WINNER!!!!

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