Peter Wolf Interview

We’re true 80s chicks. So when we found out Peter Wolf, solo artist and lead singer of the J. Geils band was heading to Infinity Hall we figured it was our chance to interview him – and sing with him…..yes, we did. See video below!

How we ended up singing with Peter Wolf…

Peter has been called “America’s answer to Mick Jagger.” He’s got a brand new album out this month called “A Cure for Loneliness.” In fact, if you buy a ticket to the show, you’ll get an email with instructions on how to receive your free digital download of the album. Winning!

So read on, and don’t blame us if you get “Centerfold” “Freeze Frame” or “Love Stinks” in your head…they were hits for a reason.

What inspired you on this album?

What inspired me was the same thing that inspired me with previous records; just trying to make something as good as I can, that I would enjoy listening to and enjoy releasing. It’s not unlike a dinner party. You want to make a meal you think you would enjoy and see other people enjoy.

As well as being a musician, you’re also an artist – do you think you’re born with the creative gene or did you cultivate your music and painting skills?

That’s an interesting question. I know a lot of musicians that I admire who are also painters. And I know a lot of painters who are musicians. I think it’s basically, activating the brain – they’re kind of similar, creating a song and creating a painting have similar energies and satisfaction to it…I don’t really know the answer for it, other than to me, what makes someone want to be a marathon runner? I guess they decide to do it and they do it.

You grew up in the Bronx, did you trek to CT often?

I did come up to CT often, and I still come to CT often. When I was in J. Geils, we played with a lot of bands that came from CT. During my solo career I’ve played a lot of clubs in CT such as Toads in New Haven.

Any odd requests in your rider? Red M+Ms, white roses? LOL

It’s funny you guys should ask that because we were putting together the rider yesterday and it’s kind of embarrassingly normal.

Aww…we wanted something dramatic…

I was a little embarrassed myself. I mean the only thing people find strange is that after sound check I want a bowl of plain linguini. People wanted to know why – that’s all I eat when I’m on the road. I guess I need the carbs for energy. It just sits well.

Alcohol is there, but you know, that’s not strange.

Can you tell us what your greatest accomplishment is?

Speaking to you two ladies.

LOL (picture us blushing)

Can you finish this sentence, “Success is _________.”

Well, that’s a really good one. Success is when you don’t have to think about it.

We saved this one for last…we wondered if you might make a couple of 80s chicks’ dreams come true…and sing the chorus of “Centerfold” with us?

With you?

Yeah, with us.

Ok, start it off…

The Peter Wolf collection

Albums above from Bev and hubby’s personal collection….

Photos by Joe Greene – Interview by Lora & Bev

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  1. Dan Capobianco says:

    You two are hilarious. Keep your day job.

    1. ha! thanks Dan 😉

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