Interview with Medium Thomas John

Thomas John is one of the world’s top psychics and trusted advisor to celebrities around the country, including Courteney Cox, Sara Gilbert, and Goldie Hawn. We gave him a call to chat about his show on Lifetime called Seatbelt Psychic, his book, and other things. Lora had a surprise reading at the end. Have a read!

What can people expect when they come to see you at a show?

Basically, I talk a little bit about my work and my career, then the predominant part of things will be readings. I’ll pick people from the audience to do readings on. I’ll also give messages that I pick up. The messages that come through are highly specific that have only to do with one person or one family that’s there. So people’s loved ones coming through is basically what’s happening for 2 hours.

If you’re meant to get a reading when you go to the Ridgefield Playhouse, you’ll get a reading. It doesn’t matter if there are 1,000 people there, or 10 people there; if spirit wants to come through, they will come through. Come, have an open mind, and it’ll be a good experience. A lot of the time you’ll find that one or two of the readings for other people will resonate with you and you may get a message indirectly.

Tell us briefly about your path to becoming a global psychic sensation!?

I believe that everybody, to a certain extent, has this ability to connect with the spirit world. I think that certain people are more open to it, and able to hear things more clearly. As I got older I recognized what this ability was, then I went to college and did different things in life, but eventually, I ended up starting to develop it more and more. Just through my own personal truth, my own personal curiosity, I started to hone in on it a little bit and through meditation and learning how the spirit world communicates and becoming more aware of it, I was able to develop it more. Eventually, I was able to do readings for people. It took many steps.

You have an awesome show called Seatbelt Psychic on Lifetime – do you have a favorite episode so far?

The interesting part about doing that show was that we didn’t produce any of it. We really didn’t know what was going to happen anytime we filmed things. It was very organic. There was an episode where there was a preacher, and he really wasn’t a believer in this type of thing and then he ended up getting a message. There was also a father who connected with his son that was pretty cool.

Tell us about your book, Never Argue with a Dead Person: True and Unbelievable Stories from the Other Side

It’s stories of readings I’ve had with clients who have given me permission to share because it had a particularly universal message. There are some where I planned on doing a reading, and some situations where I just connected with somebody at a party or an event. There’s one story where I read a woman in the Duane Reade in New York. Just things that I thought somebody would get something from hearing about.

We read that not only have you made predictions about celebrities that have come to pass just months later, but you also predict political events and natural disasters. Anything coming up that you can share with us??

I just released my 2019 predictions, so I can share a couple of those. I have the stock market having a lot of ups and downs this year. And I feel we’re going to have a new currency system. We’re going to have a continued major rise in women in leadership positions. And I do feel like we’re going to come up with some good answers towards the issues with guns and shootings this year.

That’s encouraging!

Can you sense anything about our blog’s future ??!

Yes, it feels like you guys will do a lot of expanding this year. You might actually expand the blog into other formats or other things that you maybe hadn’t thought of doing. I feel a lot of expansion around the whole thing.


And then this happened…

Ok, so Lora, I don’t know why but your father-in-law keeps coming through.

Lora: GASP

I can sense that he passed. Did you know him at all?

Lora: No, I didn’t get to meet him before he died. He passed two weeks after I started dating my husband.

I just want to say, that he is very much around you. Is your mother-in-law also gone?

Lora: Yes

Yes, because they’re both coming in. They’re telling me that they’re helping your husband. The message that I’m hearing is that your husband is a little bit of a perfectionist sometimes. And they’re telling me that he needs to just let things happen. I feel a lot of good energy with him. I feel like because they know that you’re connected to him that they really like you.

He then went on to ask if Lora’s mother-in-law’s name was Mary or Marie. It is…and he said they were excited about a new baby coming in the family. Also true!

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Interview by Lora + Bev.

Pics used with permission by Thomas John.

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