Day Tripping in SoNo

Our specialty, BFF day trips! And this one was epic! We were able to fit so much into a day in SoNo (South Norwalk) because it’s especially awesome like that. Park your car (plenty of parking options) and spend the day on foot. There’s a lot to see and do within walking distance. Our kinda town!


Salon Être

Why have we never thought of this before?! Every day trip with the girls should start with a fresh blowout. Look your best for a day around town, because let’s face it, nobody can blow dry your hair like somebody else blow drying your hair! We visited with the owner of Salon Être, Thea Tsiranides, to get a treatment for our particular hair concerns, even discussing what kind of water we use. Deep cleansing, chlorine removing for me, and a deep condition for Lora. This was followed by a blow dry that left our hair ridiculously soft and bouncy. Salon Être comes from a place of education (Thea owns and operates SoNo Academy) and we learned some life-altering tips while we were there. Dry shampoo spray – apply before your hair needs it!

Salon Être is as gorgeous a building on the inside as it is on the outside! We loved how airy and modern it was, yet holding on to some of the building’s history with beautiful vaulted tin ceilings.

Owner, Thea Tsiranides

Maritime Aquarium

Next up, the Maritime Aquarium, which is not just for kids! We turned into big kids though, when we went for a whirlwind tour of the aquarium with their publicist, Dave Sigworth. As we had limited time, we honed in on some of our favorites; seals and meerkats are in a close tie, followed by jellyfish tanks, stingrays, and sharks.

Dave pointed out to us that the entire aquarium is set up to bring you through all the natural habitats that make up the Long Island Sound (plus African meerkats, but that’s another story). Pretty cool! The aquarium has some awesome adults-only evenings. On our bucket to-do list, a yoga/meditation class in the jellyfish tank room! Ohh, and marine life encounter cruises, check those out this summer!

Pardon us, sorry to interrupt…

Pedego Electric Bikes

If you were in a mildly-energetic to very energetic mood, you could take a little two-wheel trip around some of Norwalk’s beautiful coastline streets. And because these bikes are so easy to learn, you can be on your way within no time, either pedaling with assistance or without. So yes, less energetic and more energetic friends can both be happy! Rent or buy an electric bike here!

Simple SoNo

We say every girl’s day out should include some boutique shopping. We love nothing more than visiting small independent clothing stores run by lovely people that sell gorgeous lines for us to “discover.” Simple SoNo carries men’s and women’s clothing from lesser-known European and handmade in America lines. Everything is made from luxurious natural fabrics…it’s a touchy/feely store for sure! We treated ourselves to a perfect plain white T. The hunt for an awesome PWT is real, people! We also had to get some Egyptian cotton pajamas from their home goods section. The timeless clothing you buy at Simple SoNo will be in your wardrobe for years. We love.

Beach House SoNo

A very nautical restaurant and bar serving up delicious seafood of course, but also great small plates, which we tucked into at the end of our perfect daycation! Beach House SoNo is the place to get your fresh-fish-fix and is conveniently located just across the street from the Maritime Aquarium. Huge windows look on to North Water Street, so enjoy a spot of people watching as you nibble your wontons and sip your Dirty South sweet tea, as we did!


Wall Street Theater

And if you want to really make it a full, morning-to-night trip; we highly recommend finishing your day in Norwalk with a show at the Wall Street Theater, located in Norwalk’s historic district. This is one cozy, feel-good theater that puts on some amazing entertainment. The building has a ton of cool history attached to it…go and enjoy a show and soak in the Wall Street Theater vibe!

Awesome day out, right?! We plan on doing more of these day trippin’ blog posts, so let us know of any towns you’d like us to go and “unlock”!

Bev + Lora


Norwalk Now

Pics: Lora Karam/ Words: Bev Canepari

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