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“Hello, fun!” That’s Pedego Electric Bikes’ tagline and also how we felt after our first Pedego experience! We visited their SoNo store a few weeks ago to take a couple of their rental bikes out for a sightseeing spin around beautiful South Norwalk. Ahhh!!!  See how we did…and scroll to the end for a great offer for Unlocking readers – your turn to “hello, fun!”

This post is sponsored by Pedego Electric Bikes SoNo

The store is conveniently located on Water Street, with an area in the back of the store to make a couple of loops before heading out on your adventure. Easy! Grab one of their handy maps, or download the free mobile audio guide, and explore!

Owners Mike & Jen Heslin, plus fur babies.

What happens here at Pedego Electric Bikes?

We rent and sell Pedego Electric Bikes exclusively in Fairfield, New Haven, and Middlesex Counties. In addition to Pedegos, we stock and specialize in folding bikes. We also carry a variety of bicycle accessories.

Metro North allows folding bikes on their trains at all times. Regular bikes can only go on during off-peak hours. Great for commuters!

What led you to open Pedego Electric Bikes?

Pedego Electric Bikes started in Newport, CA in 2008. The brand has been on a steady incline since then. Jen and I rode our first Pedegos in May of 2016 and absolutely fell in love. After contacting corporate and finding out that a store was a viable option, Pedego SoNo came to life in July of 2016. We were able to get our doors open quickly by August and had our Grand opening on Sept. 1st, 2016. Pedego is the number one electric bike company in North America. We are the only electric bike company that promotes our products through “branded” stores like Pedego SoNo. We were the 50th store to open nationwide.

What would you like readers to know about Pedego Electric Bikes?

I want Pedego SoNo to be a local “gem”. We offer phenomenal customer service in a specialized field. I will service all bikes and love speaking about anything “biking”. We’re relaxed, friendly, and knowledgeable. Summed up in two words “Hello, Fun.”

The store is super groove – who decorated?

Jen and I followed the typical vibrant color scheme of most Pedego stores with loud oranges, yellows, and blues to help compliment the bright color variations of the Pedego Bikes. Relaxing lounge chairs, coffee bar and fun works of art also adorn the store.

Safety tips before we head on out for our adventure?

Most people tell me that the one thing they fear is being on the roads with cars and trucks. This is not something to take lightly, but I believe that one needs to press through those fears and tackle that challenge directly. Follow the rules of the road.

  • Stop where you would stop if you were driving.
  • Signal others sharing the road of your intentions and look out for your own safety.
  • Awareness is the number one thing that we all need to learn. Once aware of your surroundings, the road doesn’t seem as intimidating.

What do people generally not know about Pedego Electric Bikes? 

I guess the thing that a lot of people don’t really understand is that a Pedego Electric bike is just like any other bike that they have ridden. The only difference is that on our bikes there is a “helper” motor to blast you past those pesky hills and excuses that keep us off our “regular” bikes. My favorite thing is getting someone on the bikes for a test ride and seeing them come around the corner of my parking lot with a huge grin on their faces. The “Pedego Smile” I like to call it.

The Pedego smile after our little adventure…

After a minor learning curve (Lora forgot to curve when she approached a brick wall – she’s fine) we set out with Mike for a tour around Norwalk’s Calf Pasture area. Even with the sun beating down on us on this particularly glorious (hot) summer’s day, we barely broke a sweat. One of the many benefits of Pedego electric bikes, no need to exert yourself if you don’t want to (or it’s too hot outside)!

As Mike explained to us, Pedego electric bikes are excuse-killers! With just a twist of a simple throttle (could not be easier) you can quit pedaling and enjoy cruising. Not for the speed thirsty, but perfect for anyone who wants it all! Pedal when you want to. Take the middle ground and use pedal assist when you want to. Or, full on “cheat.”

Hills? Faster cycling partner? Not dressed for riding? Whatever! There’s no excuse to not take your Pedego!

Norwalk is full of history, beaches, boats, shops, and ice cream – what more do you really need for a perfect day trip?

One last thing before we go…would you like to offer our lovely readers a discount so they can say “Hello, fun” too?! 

Anyone that mentions reading this blog will be given a 50% discount on bike rentals.

Thanks, Mike and Jen! We now have a Pedego electric bike firmly on our wish lists!

Pedego SoNo

New location at 21 First Street, Norwalk, CT 06855 as of June 2020

(203) 354-9333

This article has been sponsored

Words: Bev/Photos: Lora (and Mike!)

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