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Winter blahs much? Us too. With the holidays well behind us, but the results of the cheese and wine diet still lingering, we decided a day at Adam Broderick Salon & Spa would be just the thing to pep us up. We entered the salon looking slightly bedraggled (it was a ridiculously rainy day) with no makeup ready for our “before” pictures…and left feeling both glam and rested. Between services, we were lucky enough to spend some time with salon and spa maven Adam Broderick himself!

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The man, the myth, the legend, Adam Broderick!

If you live in this area, you know Adam Broderick Salon & Spa. Not only does he own two very successful salons in Ridgefield and Southbury, but Adam is also respected as an industry innovator and leader. As a motivational speaker and consultant, he has helped many salons around the country achieve growth and expansion. A perfect example of Adam’s innovative and forward-thinking mind is his recent collaboration with ColorWow.

Tell us about Adam Broderick, the Manhattan years. Where/how did you get your start?

From 1975 – 1986 were The Studio 54 years…I lived in NYC and worked up and down 5th Ave. I trained at Sassoon and then moved to Cinandre and had a list of celebrity clients that frequented Studio 54: Grace Jones, Bianca Jagger, Devine, and Halston. I then moved to Clive Summers in the Olympic Tower and enjoyed a career as a highly respected colorist. I moved to Connecticut in 1986 and opened my own salon.

Why do you think your brand is so successful?

I believe we took many of the critical success factors of Manhattan’s top salons and married them with an approachable client-friendly POV.

As a colorist, I knew that to be successful I would need strong collaborations with passionate talented stylists.  That synergy, along with business principles learned in my years on 5th Avenue in some of the top salons in the world, was the perfect combination to creating a luxury salon and spa experience that Connecticut embraced.

Our focus on THE WORK and quality along with a luxury client experience packaged in a friendly approachable environment have been the keys to success.

You’re a leader in the salon industry and were just featured on the cover of Salon Today (and our very own Lora took the pic!). Where do you see salon trends headed?

I was asked to be on the cover because I’m pretty, very pretty, gorgeous! (LOL).  😉 [This is why we love Adam…Lora & Bev]

As with beauty, top salons need to evolve and to stay relevant. Today more than ever, trends emerge quickly and it is our job to edit and interpret those trends effectively for today’s demanding consumer who counts on our ability to understand classic beauty with an edge. That only happens through ongoing training and education.

Upon arrival, we are whisked to the shampoo station to have the kind of head massage you wish you could do on yourself.

Thoughts on female hair trends?

Obligatory personal style (OPS) is the freedom that allows today’s woman to explore and identify her own personal style. To explore beauty that best identifies their personality and lifestyle. They’ve given themselves the freedom to reject style and color trends that are not flattering, or do not fully let them express who they are.

Julia gave me fullness I didn’t know was possible…and Starbucks coffee. I love Julia.

Lora loves a good tousling. Tousling courtesy of Edgardo…

Any hair trends that should be avoided?

None, anything done well has the ability to look amazing.

With over 200 co-workers and some having been with you for years, tell us your number one tip to business owners as far as management and what you’ve found is the key to success.

Honesty, clear communication, teamwork, and true career opportunity are key for success in management. In addition, I learned early on, that if you can’t follow direction, you can’t give direction. Keep it real, keep your expectations high, and your word must be your bond … trust is the key component to all long-term relationships. Finally, always be consistent in creating opportunity.

Over to make-up! Hallelujah!

Lora’s makeup artist, Zekira, was celebrating her 20 years at AB the very day we were there. Amazing!!

 Michelle working on Bev. Bev taking notes.

What are some of your favorite hangouts, businesses, and restaurants in Fairfield County?

Pho Vietnam in Danbury, Aranci 67 in Wilton, Black Angus, Danbury, The Ridgefield PlayhouseThe Prospector, Ridgefield, CT, Aldrich Museum, Candlewood Lake and American Pie, Sherman, CT!


And a good ol’ before and after thrown in for good measure!

Your latest dry bar at your Southbury location is truly gorgeous! You’ve teamed up with Color Wow Hair. Why this partnership?

In today’s business climate, it’s important to find strategic alliances with like-minded partners to leverage resources and create innovative and new concepts.

Thanks, Adam! We’re off to the nail bar, see ya later!

Hot paraffin wax treatment to help winter dry hands. Blissful.

Paraffin-hand problems

And a spot of downtime in the relaxation room rounded out the perfect morning at Adam Broderick.

Got the wine!

The cherry on top…

Who doesn’t love a side of retail therapy with their day of beauty?! AB has such a perfect selection of products and accessories in the front of the store. Hair accessories, jewelry, candles, beauty products, travel sizes, and clothing..all of which are very wantable.

Lora and Adam after their Salon Today cover shoot in his Southbury location

Adam Broderick Salon & Spa

89 Danbury Road, Ridgefield, CT and 730 Main Street South, Southbury

Words: Bev/Pics: Lora

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