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Congratulations to Byrde + the b & BYRDEMAN on their move to Litchfield town center (right on the green)! Founder & creative director, Scott Bond, and his business partner Danielle Torres have done it again. Byrde + the b’s new, two-story salon on West Street (a lovely one to peruse) is Hair/Beauty/Art at its best!

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Litchfield Welcomes Byrde + the b & BYRDEMAN!

Hair – Beauty – Art

If you follow us, you know that we’re frequent visitors to Byrde + the b…but this was to be our first visit to the new location on West Street, Litchfield, i.e., one of the most picturesque downtown spots in the county!

Business partners, and our friends, Scott Bond & Danielle Torres, have put together a total vibe at their new spot. It’s old, it’s new, it’s a luxury hair salon & barber, AND it’s a boutique featuring beautiful and unique finds from Scott’s trips to Marrakesh! You can even book Scott and his hubby Steven Miller’s gorgeous pad in Morocco…check this beauty out for your next dream vacay!

Scott (read his celeb styling bio here) and Danielle (who recently came aboard as a partner 🙌) always keep it fun! Beautiful hair and a good giggle – a combo we love.

I would describe the look as a chic, f*ck’d up luxury farm that is as comfortable as your richest best friend’s living room, You don’t really know you are in a salon. We play amazing music with a killer vibe that forces you to relax as the stresses of life melt away. 

Scott Bond

👆Another reason we love Scott 😆


You’ll find…

  • Master haircutting and barbering
  • Expert balayage and hair color
  • Great Lengths hair extension (Bev got them a while back!)
  • Smoothing treatments
  • Shu Uemura and Olaplex restorative treatments
  • Hot shave and beard sculpting

They use the best coloring and lightning products in the industry. L’Oréal, Majirel, Studio Blonde, Dia Richesse, and Dia Light lend to a perfect color result.

Ground Floor Glamour

You’ll find some beautifully lit stations on the ground floor where you can enjoy Steven Miller‘s art collection as you get your professional blowout. Shop Shu Uemura, Olaplex, Byrde +the b free, Environ, and Proraso men’s grooming retail products while your color sets! Oh, how we love multitasking.


Visit Senior Stylist Lucy Callaway

Aka the one who gives Lora her gorgeous blonde locks!

Get Barbered @ BYRDEMAN!

You’ll now find BYRDEMAN barber the talented James Serra upstairs in his mascu-cool space (Unlocking® made-up word if it takes off!) offering hot shaves, beard sculpting, scissor cuts, and more.

And Shop the Souk!

You’re going to find one-of-a-kind original Gandora Linen Kaftan, artisan jewelry, fabulous handbags, women-owned and manufactured candles, and many other worldly finds. Tell your friends you just popped over to Marrakesh, we’ll keep your secret!

Meet the Byrde Assistants, Kira, Tori, and Sophie!

And Beau, Byrde’s salon-dog!

Everything is done with the utmost intention to bring an ultimate, peaceful experience with a gorgeous, lasting end result. 

Danielle Torres

Byrde & the b / BYRDEMAN – 43 West Street, Litchfield CT

Pics: Lora Karam (except as noted) / Words: Bev Canepari

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