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You know who has the best beauty tips? The wonderful aestheticians and skin care nurses at Grace Medical Aesthetics. We’re frequent visitors (we’ve tried out many services!) and always pick the brains of whichever expert is treating us. We decided it would benefit us all to compile a list of #1 tips from the beautiful ladies of Grace Medical, Southbury…so here you go!

Over to you ladies for the beauty tips and treatments that you swear by…

Robyn – Office Manager / Head Nurse

My personalized skincare routine includes products handpicked for my skin type (Revision Papaya Enzyme Cleanser, Avene Retrinal eyes, and Obagi Tretinoin). Between that and a monthly facial – specifically the 1540 “BABY FRAXEL” my skin has never been better and I keep it moisturized and protected every day with SkinCeuticals Triple Lipid and Colorscience Sunforgettable SPF 50 brush.

Alice – Aesthetician

My personal favorite treatment is the 1540 laser. It’s a once a month treatment that helps with pore size and overall texture of the skin. I’m a makeup artist, and I never was the type to get compliments on my skin, only my makeup. But since starting the lasers, I get compliments all the time on how fresh and youthful my skin looks. Retin-A and hydroquinone to keep my skin texture and color even. Use SUNSCREEN. Avene makes a beautiful cream foundation that is SPF 30.

Jackie – Laser & Skincare Nurse

Colorescience’s Sunforgettable Brush-On SPF is a game changer! I couldn’t imagine ever being compliant with sunscreen without it! It’s SIMPLE and SAFE, and in my opinion, a no-brainer investment to protect not only your skin but your whole family’s! With no chemical ingredients (zinc and titanium dioxide), it’s like diaper cream in a powder form, which means it goes on easy and stays there! No more red noses or burning eyes which makes me one happy momma – especially while I’m at my happy place on the beach!

Krista – Injector, Laser & Skincare Nurse

My favorite two treatments for collagen stimulation is alternating between our quantum laser and microneedling. My skin has improved significantly using these treatments. I can’t live without cryotherapy. I use it for inflammation and it works wonders!

Lauren – Laser & Skincare Nurse

We all know the importance of daily sunscreen to prevent scary skin damage, spots, and wrinkles, but the reality of re-applying throughout the day as we should is not so easy. My #1 favorite thing to have in my purse or beach bag is my Colorescience Sunforgettable Brush-On SPF. It’s so light and feels almost weightless going on my skin but amazingly I’ve never burned when using this product! I even use it on my 4-year-old! He loves the soft brush and it’s much easier than trying to hold him still long enough to apply (and rub in) a thick, white lotion sunscreen!

Jessica – Aesthetician & CoolSculpting Specialist

Tip: Apply dabs of Obagi Tretinoin (Retin A) products outlining the face so you don’t over medicate or waste products!

Trick: Using Avene Thermal Spring spray before your skincare routine helps to spread the product easier, plus the mist is so refreshing!

Secret: Microneedling with PRP is my favorite thing to have done. Love, love, love the way my skin looks after!

Heather – Injector

The skin around the eyes is thin and delicate and one of the first areas to show visible signs of aging. In addition to preventing sun damage (think sunblock, a hat and glasses), getting a good night’s sleep (what busy woman can get that 8 hours?!), and following a healthy diet with plenty of hydration (rosé does not replace water!), there are additional ways we can care for this area.

I love using a great undereye product like ISDIN K-ox cream or Avene Retrinal Eye to help moisturize and improve undereye dark circles. In addition, Dysport or Botox injections to help soften crow’s feet and prevent further wrinkles is very effective and natural looking. Finally, in the right candidates, undereye filler like Restylane Refyne can help with hollows, shadowing or to camouflage a puffy bag to help you look rejuvenated.

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Pics: Lora (with the exception of Lauren’s headshot)/ Words: Grace Medical experts 

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