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Ladies! Enough already…stop feeling uncomfortable in your bra! We visited Lace Affaire, a specialty boutique in Wilton that still practices the dying art of properly fitting customers with the correct size bra (yes, it’s complimentary!). And yep, we were in the 90% of women who are wearing the wrong size! Wearing the right bra is a game changer!

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Now imagine this, find the right bra (ahhh) in Lace Affaire, then pop upstairs to Illumination, a full-service beauty salon and color bar to get an incredible new do to go with your happy boobies!

Basically, 23 Danbury Road in Wilton is one-stop shopping for women to get all the confidence they need to conquer the world.

Both businesses are owned and run by the tireless and remarkably dynamic Carline Dean, who has a never-ending supply of energy and positive vibes to share! We stopped by for a dose of Carline and left feeling so much perkier 😉

Carline Dean

Lace Affaire

Not only beautiful bras, Lace Affaire is also a hidden gem to find jewelry, candles, sleepwear, swimwear, resort wear, and other fun gifty items. The boutique has an intimate resort feel and overlooks a river at the back of the building. With lines like Cosabella, Mary Green, Natori, Marie Jo, Wacoal, Prima Donna, and PJ Harlow (made famous by Oprah) there’s a huge selection. We also loved the range of workout wear.

Lace Affaire aims to provide intimate, comfortable and luxurious brands to compliment any body shape and empower women to find their romantic, flirty, and confident self.

Are you wearing the wrong bra?

Here are some hints that you are…

  • Your bra straps fall off your shoulders.
  • The underwire in your bra pokes you. Ouch!
  • The back of your bra rides up. Annoying!
  • Gaping cups? There shouldn’t be room to store your phone in there!

Carline’s mission in life is to help women find a bra that….get this, they won’t want to take off the moment they get home from work. In fact, Carline promises that if a customer is correctly sized they’ll find it so comfortable they’ll want to sleep in it!

One woman – 5 bras she needs to own…

According to Carline, we should have at least five great fitting bras in our wardrobe: a strapless, an everyday t-shirt bra, a sexy bra, a convertible, and a racerback. Considering the bra is the first step to showing off our best figure, we shouldn’t skimp on the undies department!

Carline Dean – a dream deferred

Life before Lace Affaire and Illumination Salon…

I have a business degree in international business management and worked on Wall Street for 16 years. But, I had been doing hair since I was a teenager. It was always a passion and a dream deferred for me. I was the one always going around doing my friend’s hair and makeup.

Back to school…

I wanted to combine my passion and my business background, so I went back to school to become a cosmetologist. I started a home salon. Then I found this space and it was the right thing to do!

Living the dream…

Lace Affaire happened by accident. My husband and I had bought the property after deciding we didn’t want to rent. I was creating the salon but my husband said we should come up with something else to put in the rest of the property. He said if I didn’t do something else, he’d put something in there….well, I didn’t want men in this space 🙂 …And that’s how Lace Affaire was born.

Why bras?

Women need to be fitted in the right bra. It’s a lost art and nobody does it anymore. The right bra gives you a waistline. There are health benefits when you’re a full figured woman and your bra is fitted correctly to take the pressure off your back. Everything is going south…my job is to keep everything going up, up, north!

I’m in the confidence business and the beauty business, all under one roof.

Illumination Salon & Color Bar

The space…

I wanted women to feel beautiful as soon as they walked in the door. I wanted to create an environment where women would feel they had space to breathe, to feel comfortable. The salon is soothing, where women can relax and have a good time. Sit on the couch while your color processes. Put your feet up. (Or wander downstairs to find the perfect bra!)

Behind the chair…

What I do behind the chair is my passion. I’m going to make your hair healthy and the best it has ever been. I like to give my clients lessons in styling and beauty that they will take home and use. Many of my clients are professional women. You only have 10 seconds to make an impression, and I like to help them. I’m an image consultant, a shrink, and a girlfriend!

Click here to check out all of the services at Illumination Salon & Color Bar.

Bouncy and healthy! Thanks, Carline, you’ve got skills!

A visit with Carline to get the right bra, the right hair, and a confidence boost? Basically, like a dose of SuperSoul Sunday! To all of our gal pals, go visit Carline…and let us know if you were in the 90%!

Lace Affaire – 23 Danbury Road, Wilton, CT 06897 – 203-529-3793

Illumination Salon – 23 Danbury Road, Wilton, CT 06897 – 203-762-6140

Words: Bev / Pics: Lora

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