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Owned by a former Team USA Lumberjill, Shannon Strong has opened Strong Core Wellness Center in Kent, to offer clients a one-stop location to rehabilitate, restore, and strengthen their core. We went along to take a morning group fitness class, and to meet Shannon, the woman who Sylvester Stallone didn’t want to go up against on the Late Show with David Letterman (more on that later)!

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The Strong Core Team

The Strong Core Wellness Center is made up of a team of core wellness experts offering different classes and modalities in 3 main areas; Fitness, Clinical, and Spiritual.

Chiropractic medicine, massage therapy, strength classes, personal training, reflexology, qigong, spa treatments, and nutrition counseling are all available.

The idea is to make it convenient to tackle any rehab needs with a combination of therapies, both Eastern and Western Medicine, and to offer classes to assist in maintaining a healthy core. Reminder: the core is your entire midsection and involves all your muscles in that area including the front, back and sides.

Strengthen that posterior chain!

We decided to take Shannon’s 8:45 AM Core Strength class, which was described as a low-impact total body workout. Starting out with dynamic stretches, Shannon helped us loosen up and warm up for the Tabata ahead! Make no mistake, low-impact does not mean low-challenge!

Shannon led us through a variety of exercises; kettlebells, core climbers, windmills, the Superman, all of which were written on the white board, described and demonstrated. See, hear, do! Clear instruction so that all that was left, was to do it! As many as you can before the BEEP over the music. Fun! We particularly enjoyed the stretches that came after each group of muscles used. Total body workout indeed!

At one point Shannon shouted out for us to, “strengthen that posterior chain!” Lora honestly thought she had said something about champagne. Lora – hearing not her strong suit. Nor Bev’s for that matter, but we get by.
Kettlebells can be easy to do incorrectly, but not with Shannon coaching us!
And I thought that we were doing an exercise called the “Walrus” according to what I could read on the white board. Sight isn’t what it used to be. It’s amazing we get around. The exercise was in fact “walkouts” and in fact really hard and awesome! Walk your hands down the body and onto the floor. Walk hands out to push up position. Do push up. Walk hands back in. Now do as many as you can in 30 seconds!
Still smiling!
We know you’re thinking about chopping down that tree, Shannon, but can you answer these questions first?

OK, tell us about the David Letterman/Sylvester Stallone story!

The National Enquirer came to the Goshen Fair where I had competed for many years. They did a nice write-up and then David Letterman got in touch with me and brought me down to NY where I taught him how to throw the axe. I was on the same night Sylvester Stallone was on, and he didn’t want to do it!

Why did you stop competing and start training and healing others?

I didn’t become a trainer until I was in my 30s and stopped Lumberjack sports. I had beat up my body and threw my back out badly and was on a walker. Wanting to know what was wrong with me, I started studying various therapeutic techniques. Foam rolling and myofascial release is what saved me.

Why should our readers book a New Client Consultation?

I’m a great goal seeker and listen to my clients. I want to know what your goals are to finding wellness. I can refer you to the best practitioner to help find and design a healthier you!

Bevvy went back!

So convinced of Shannon’s knowledge of all things core, I booked an appointment the following week for a medical massage. Due to genetics (cheers, dad) and being a high-impact girl, I’m usually doing my best to keep back pain at bay. Unfortunately, due to lack of stretching, I’ve been suffering lately and knew that Shannon’s repertoire of skills and qualifications suited my needs!

Training in COMT (Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapy with Joe Muscolino DC), David Graston and FATKR have taught her fundamentals to increase a clients range of motion and decrease pain in as little as 1-3 sessions.

A massage with purpose…

…and lasting effects! This was an orthopedic medical massage which worked wonders. Shannon kneaded, stretched, lengthened, and even used IASTM tools to mobilize the soft tissue around the problem areas. Besides giving instant relief, and straightening me up, Shannon gave me stretches to do at home so that I can continue to work on my own rehabilitation. I plan on going back soon and will book a chiropractic session immediately following a massage for an uber healing experience! With everyone working together under one roof, the Wellness Team can provide the most efficient and effective treatment plan.

Strong Core Wellness Center

64 Maple Street, Kent, CT 06757 (in the big blue Kent Medical Building)


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Photos: Lora/ Words: Bev

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