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Pssst! Did you know that the ever-popular and award-winning White Horse Country Pub in Marbledale just grew 2,000 square feet or so? Now it’s even cozier, English-tavern goodness to go around! We arranged to go along for a sneak peek of the impressive new dining room and kitchen before the grand opening. While we were there, pub owner John Harris insisted that we order a bunch of our favorite dishes to photograph (and eat) then take the famous Audrey (the taxi) out for a spin. Best lunch ever.

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The White Horse Country Pub…

Has a slew of awards! Just this year alone Connecticut Magazine has named them: 2017 BEST PUB – BEST PRIME RIB – BEST GOURMET BURGERS – BEST BRUNCH – BEST VALUE – BEST OUTDOOR DINING – BEST LUNCH – BEST FIRESIDE DINING and we would like to add one, BEST FRIES (those thick planks, and occasional sweet potato fries!)

And, in a recent edition of Vogue, they mentioned the White Horse Country Pub as “an ideal place.” Go, WHCP!

The lion’s den…

If you notice just above the fireplace, there’s a large lion sculpture. “Fluffy” is the result of John’s wife, Lisa traveling to Rome and calling John to say, “I’ve found a lion at the Borghese that’s about 100 years old so you may need to build a cave for it.” Fluffy got shipped to Marbledale, where John had a solid, local granite cave built for him above the fireplace in the brand new extension. Fluffy is just one of many historical items dotted around the White Horse Country Pub, and every single wall hanging, lamp, table, and door has a great story!

Here’s a good example! This architectural piece is a carved angel from a church in England that’s 600 years old.

Fluffy. We think he’s happy where he’s ended up!

The beams are 150 years old from a barn in Pennsylvania. Oil paintings from London auctions. Lisa Harris is mostly responsible for the entire design of the new dining room, and every antique that graces the walls. We’d like to go shopping with Lisa sometime!

The new dining room addition is a slightly more elegant version of the rest of the White Horse. There are already weddings planned and booked. Customers can rent the dining room, plus spill out onto the beautiful patio. We need to throw a party!

Hand carved doors from Big Sur.

Through the kitchen doors…

Where the magic happens, twice the size of the old kitchen!

Outside dining space a plenty…

We love a good patio, and this is one of the great ones in the area! Either people watch around you, or on the other side, enjoy the slow moving river with an abundance of nature, including but not excluded to, hummingbirds and herons.

And, on to the good stuff…

The Lucky Duck, a favorite on many levels.

Food, glorious food!

Wild mushroom and truffle soup
You’ll find the White Horse mark everywhere…we especially love when it’s made out of puff pastry, or burnished into our burger bun.
Infamous chicken pot pie
House Signature Burger (and signature fries): 1/2 lb of White Horse exclusive blend of black Angus sirloin, brisket, and short rib, with applewood smoked bacon, caramelized onions!
Grilled salmon salad: grilled salmon, marinated artichokes, black olives, sweet orange, cherry tomatoes, red onion, and champagne vinaigrette
Banoffi Pie: You haven’t lived until you’ve had Banoffi pie
Eating is a slow process when blogging…
Shhh, don’t tell Lora she has Banoffi pie on her arm!


And, Brandon! Our super sweet chauffeur who was only too happy to take a break from work to drive us around 🙂 Thanks, Brandon!!

We didn’t expect that our lunch that day would end with a trip around Lake Waramaug in Audrey, who if you didn’t know, is a taxi acquired from the ABC TV show ‘Supernanny.’ As luck would have it, we had brought the selfie stick! Let the FB live commentary of our trip in AUDREY!! begin.

We had few facts to tell our viewers about Lake Waramaug, other than it’s just under 8 miles in circumference, windy, and beautiful!!

The White Horse Country Pub extension is now open! Head on over there soon and tag us in a pic with Fluffy!

The White Horse Country Pub

Words: Bev / Pics: Lora

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