Taste of Litchfield

Litchfield Magazine and TownVibe, we tip our hats to you for putting together the Taste of Litchfield! Litchfield County is a tasty place, so to get so many incredible restaurants, specialty markets, and distillers in one glorious location was so much fun, and super convenient for us tasters!

This was a foodies paradise…aka our paradise! Without further ado, here’s our highlights of the day.

The event was held last Sunday, September 10th, and if you remember that far back, the weather was perfect! You really can’t beat a sunny September in Litchfield County. We warmed-up that morning touring at The Garden Conservancy’s Open Days at White Ash Farm before making our way to one of our favorite farms, South Farms.

Mr. South Farms, Ben Paletsky. We should all thank him for having such a great event-space-farm and always ready to help with anything community. Thanks, Ben!

Our Audi chariot awaits to bring us, and about 450 other guests, from the parking field to food! The “Foodie Ferry” – smooth.

In the stone barn, guests listened to these restaurant rock stars talk about war stories and the highs and lows of the biz. Not for the faint-hearted! We’ve been lucky enough to have blogged about all of them; Carole Peck of Good News Cafe, John Harris, White Horse Country Pub, and Chris Eddy, Winvian.

Ok, let us at the FOOOOOOD! (we were getting hangry)

We made a valiant effort to hit every single booth and stall, but despite our skipping breakfast to make room for the day ahead, we didn’t make it 🙁 Also, by donning our Unlocking Litchfield hats that day, we bumped into lots of friends and UC followers, which was so fun…but, sorry if we spoke to you with our mouths full!

The first booth we arrive at is John’s Cafe, with Chef Dennis DeBellis Jr serving up bowls of cheesy pasta salad goodness. So good, we went back for seconds at the end. Shhh.

We overheard a lot of people saying, “You have to try the duck thing….” and “Have you tried the duck thing?” We understood why when we popped one of these small and mighty biscuits in our mouths. Taste journey! Thank you, Meraki.

We’re not sure what Michael Sorensen from Bistro Bridgewater was cooking up in those 3 sauté pans, but the line for a bowl of it was long. The people wanted whatever it was! What was it? Anyone?

New Morning Market was serving up equal parts super healthy and super delicious kale-quinoa-beet salad.

Pretty shrimp-shooters a la @ the Corner.

Ok, sweet thangs, we’re coming for you!

Amanda Bakes

The always delicious Amanda Bakes was there, with lemon cupcakes and elderflower buttercream. Yummm.

We were so happy to see the Brits Brand ladies and even happier to see they had brought mini trifles! The BB ladies bring “a slice of Britain to Connecticut,” which makes a fellow ex-pat like me very happy, and Lora even happier when she tried her first trifle! We’re off on our first international blog adventure to Scotland/Iceland next week, so Lora practically fainted when I told her trifles are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Brit food she’s about to experience!

Further festivities outside…

Switch Factory

It’s Switch Factory!! Toes were tapping all over the place, as is always the case when Switch Factory is playing.

Hidden Valley Eatery, we love your fonts, your illustrations, and your borscht.

And don’t forget the most important food group, adult beverages…

Asylum Distillery was serving up sipping shots of their craft vodka, whiskey, gin, and ginger zap – ginger root infused vodka. Spicy!

Bloody Marys were flowing over at the Litchfield Distillery table. Peppery, tomatoey vodka. Salute!

This was really good!
Photo: Rich Pomerantz

How did he do that?!?!

Erik Ofgang (magician/Senior Writer for Connecticut Magazine) was able to find our secret card in a million different impressive ways, no matter how hard we watched. How the &%* did he do that?!

Art Room Atelier had fun activities for the kiddos!

And that was that. The time flew by! If you didn’t make it this year, make sure you keep your eyes peeled next year for tickets going on sale (they sold out). Actually, top tip – put it on your Google calendar now.

Words: Bev / Pics: Lora

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