Switch Factory

If you can listen to Switch Factory without tapping your toe, repeatedly flexing your ankle up and down, or bobbing your head; something may be seriously wrong.  It’s impossible not to get into this type of music; Americana and Roots Rock.

Switch Factory consists of 4 guys, all with day jobs, that play 40-50 gigs a year in and around Litchfield County. Jason Perkel – guitar and vocals, Todd Stoughton – mandolin and vocals, Nat Worden – guitar, vocals, and harmonica, and Jona Ziac on bass.

We thought it was time to check in on one of our local bands, and the fact that they would be playing at the Mockingbird Kitchen and Bar during Sunday brunch, well that just sounded like a perfect way to spend an afternoon.

Meet the band, enjoy some tunes, and be sure to catch Switch Factory the next time they’re playing near you!

The band is named after the old “Switch Factory” Bantam facility where they initially came together and used to rehearse.


Todd Stoughton – major skills on the mandolin


Nat Worden – multi-tasking on the harmonica and guitar


Jason Perkel – Pediatrician by day – guitar and vocals when he’s playing with Switch Factory


Jona Ziac – he’s all about the bass

We had such a fun time hanging out and listening to these guys. Like they said, they’re easy on the ears! There’s something about lyrics like, “Catfish John was a river hobo,” harmonies, harmonicas, and string plucking, that makes the heart happy. You can catch them at local venues like The Mockingbird Restaurant, and Infinity Hall – keep up-to-date with future shows on their Facebook page. Switch Factory can be booked for local events and parties.

Reach out to Switch Factory by any of the following emails:



jona@switchfactory.com or


Photos: Lora Karam/Words: Bev/Video: Tim Lenz

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