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Between launching our blog, the two of us working full-time, AND having additional part-time jobs, we were so ready for a night of wine, dining, and live music. We put on our best “rock n’ roll” outfits (to us this meant crochet tops and ripped jeans) and headed over to Infinity Music Hall in Norfolk, CT to see Chris Robinson Brotherhood perform. Yay!

Infinity Hall is an intimate, wooden music hall seating up to 300 people located in the center of Norfolk, population just under 1,800. In 1883, three Norfolk women raised funds to build a community center, used for town meetings and entertainment of all kinds (including vaudeville shows – all the rage back then). We love hearing about our strong foresisters, banding together to bring some fun into a small town – woman-power!

Since its original purpose, the building has been used as a butcher shop, a post office, a grocery store, a town hall, various other businesses, and recently, back to its original function – a place of entertainment. In 2007, Dan Hincks restored and renovated the building back to its former glory, adding a state of the art sound system, a 4-star restaurant, and bar, and here we are, Infinity Hall.

Jon, Box Office Manager, gives us a private tour of the building; pointing out walls covered in signatures and messages from artists over the years; in fact, they go all the way back to artists from the 1800s! A spiral staircase on the mezzanine level leads to the tower – an original feature lost for many years during various transitions, now reinstated and giving us a nice view of Infinity Hall’s neighbor, the campus for Yale’s Summer School of Music.

Infinity Hall has a bistro and bar in the same building – very handy; one-stop does it all. Less walking/driving, more enjoying! They serve contemporary American food – some creative dishes alongside the usual suspects. We sat outside and enjoyed some truffle fries and red wine, followed by our main dishes, taking in the pre-show buzz around us. Real good!

If you want, you can have your dinner and drinks on the mezzanine level during the show (if you book such a ticket)– we’ll definitely be going back to do that! What a novelty – eating, drinking, and listening to live music at the same time– yes, please!

Before we know it, it’s time to go see the show. We take our seats for about 2 minutes before we realize everyone else is standing, ready to dance/sway it out. Chris Robinson says hi to us (all 300 or so of us) and makes some crack about playing in a very wooden place. Then it’s cameras and notepads away because it’s time to enjoy the show, man!


Tony Leone, drummer with Chris Robinson Brotherhood talks to us…

What do you love about Connecticut? We’re a little biased, but we want to know what your favorite things are when you visit here.
CT is where I grew up. What do I love about it most? The fun memories of growing up in Newington and the laughs I had back in those days. Also the memories of all the music I played in Hartford…

Do you or the band have any pre-performance rituals?
Rituals? Let’s just say we all like to get our head in the game before the show.

Favorite thing about being on the road?
I love the routine of the road. Waking up in a different spot each day and setting the whole thing in motion. Each night is another chance to try to do it better than we did last night.

And the favorite thing about going home? 
I also love going home and being back with my family.

What would be your reasons to tell people they need to go out and support live shows?
There is no substitute for live music. Music is best when shared in the moment with others. When the audience and band take a trip together, you can’t beat that experience. At its best it’s transcendent.

Most bizarre thing thrown on stage??
I don’t recall anything bizarre ever being thrown onstage…perhaps an insult?

One word that would describe how you want the audience to feel after they leave the show?
How do I want the audience to feel? One word? How about rejuvenated…

Infinity Music Hall & Bistro on Route 44, Norfolk, CT
Visit them on the web here. And check out Chris Robinson Brotherhood’s site!
The music hall at Infinity Norfolk seats 300, ensuring each and every seat provides front-row entertainment.

Photos by Lora Karam, except group band shot by Angela Izzo.

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    The Infinity Music Hall sounds amazing, thanks for the info. We are planning to go on Saturday.

  2. What a nice place to go! Thanks so much for your review.

  3. Infinity music hall sounds goods. thanks for sharing the info. I like your post and enjoy the reading. All pics you share are so beautiful.

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