Norfolk Curling Club

When Ted Stone (obviously destined to be a curler) invited us to the Norfolk Curling Club we were eager to find out what curling really entails.

Curling. Relatively simple in rules and equipment, lacking in balls, and the game ends at the bar toasting the losers with a drink – it’s a sport we can get behind.

But first, what are we going to wear?

When we were doing our usual “whatcha gonna wear?” back and forth, I asked Lora if she thought I should bring my figure skates or ice hockey skates (I have both gathering dust in my cupboard) – THAT is how clueless I was about curling. Crazy, being that I’m Scottish and curling was invented by my people in medieval times. What can I say, I never paid close attention. I always thought it was a strange sport that combined ice and housework.

No equipment needed, just go!

Not a single piece of equipment is needed to try curling. Just show up and let the friendly members of the NCC take it from there. The Norfolk Curling Club is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.  It is their goal to teach, develop and promote the Olympic sport of curling. Who better to help promote curling (in our own “unique” way) than Unlocking Connecticut!

Not bad for our first time, right? All my years of having pets and sweeping up dust bunnies paid off.

Here’s Lora, showing us proper form in the push off. Newbies get a little balance help with the stabilizer.


Aim – push that 44lb stone in such a way that it rotates 2.5 times and curls to land smack in the middle of the “house” about 92 feet away. I think my rock traveled about 4 feet, that’s where practice comes in.


A friendly game

Camaraderie is key in the sport of curling and evident at the Norfolk Curling Club. Members bring cupcakes to share (off the ice). Curling strategies are discussed around the stone fireplace. A game of darts and a drink can be enjoyed in the bar area.


And of course, we always make time for some goofball shots. [Lora’s note: what do you mean goofball shots? That’s my real curling stance! ;)]


Curling 101

Here’s a handy Curling 101 – which it might have been good if we read it before going, but hey, we like to approach some of our features as blank slates, ready to ask the silly questions of a fledgling curler. (Video, watch the video)

Getting the hang of curling was surprisingly easy; becoming good at it, like anything, will take some practice.

Thanks for the lesson, Ted!

Want to try it? Click here for details.


Norfolk Curling Club
70 Golf Drive, Norfolk, CT 06058

Words – Beverley Canepari, Photos – Lora Karam, Video – Tim Lenz, music by BenSound

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  1. Fran Keeping says:

    I miss curling in Norfolk but I am strongly in support of everyone giving it a shot. There is no better winter sport for you to enjoy inside with great sportsmanship, friends and social functions. Good Curling all!!

  2. Sue Edelstein says:

    You guys are having way too much fun! Don’t stop! 🙂

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