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At the beginning of time, when we started Unlocking Litchfield, we vowed that we would check out every kind of business in Litchfield County…Lora quipped, “Even tax preparation.” Well, today we present to you a post about tax preparation! Who’s the lucky CPA, you ask? Why it’s Dawn Parker, CPA & Associates, located in New Milford.

Tax prep: It doesn’t have to make you want to gouge your eyes out!

As we were both current clients of Dawn Parker, CPA (we’re equally smart in that regard), we decided to make a morning of it and book back-to-back appointments. Feeling a bit like we were reporting to the teacher with our homework, we became slightly competitive about who would be more organized.

Guess who won most organized…but only by a fancy file folder (which I have since purchased. Smart idea, smarty pants!).


Ok, so how about who was so organized they would find out they were getting a refund? i.e. who’s getting new shoes?


Wrong! We both ended up with shoe $’s (aka a tax return) only Lora ended up having to use her shoe $’s for a root canal. Is that painful or what?

During our session with Dawn, we picked her brain for some tips to pass on here…

Don’t forget these deductions!

  • Goodwill donations. Make a list of what you’re donating, get a receipt, value the donation at what it could realistically be sold for. Simple!
  • Even if you don’t itemize on your tax return, remember that you can take a property tax deduction on your CT taxes.
  • There’s still some tax breaks out there for saving energy! Did you get new windows, doors, insulation? Look into it.
  • You can still claim dependent children if under 24 and a full-time student.

Miscellaneous tips

  • Get an app to track your mileage! Lora’s been using MileIQ which allows 40 free trips a month or pay $5.99 a month for unlimited. Get an emailed report in editable PDF format. Easy, peasy! Try it out here and get 20% off if you sign up for an annual subscription with this special link!
  • Get advice from your tax advisor, not your banker, neighbor, or boss.

Lora and I love the sage advice Dawn gives us. We always leave feeling like we got a bonus financial therapy-session. Dawn is super easy to talk to and walks you through your return in front of your very eyes. She puts some of those brain-rupturing tax rules into layman’s terms. We like.


A sign left on the door from the previous occupiers of Dawn’s office. A sense of humor is also very important in choosing one’s CPA.

If you call (like right now) you might be able to book a consultation hour with Dawn (but you might want to bring her flowers…it is peak tax preparation season after all).

Dawn R. Parker, CPA & Associates

5 Booth House Lane, New Milford, CT 06776



Words: Beverley Canepari

Photos: Lora Karam

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