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It almost goes without saying, but we’re keeping it super simple and chill at home this New Year’s Eve. Thanks to RIPE, we don’t have to worry about getting a zillion ingredients to make delish & 100% craft cocktails; they’ve done the work!

Pick RIPE up locally or order online, they ship nationally in 3 days or less!

If you know us (and have seen any of our last 5 years of Halloween costumes), you know that we’re Hall & Oates fans. So when John Oates sent out his digital Christmas card (ok, we’re on his fan mailing list) where he recorded Mel Tormé’s classic “The Christmas Song”, we decided to reach out and request a call to chat about the song, Christmas traditions, and pandemics.

Connecticut is home to hundreds of talented ceramic artists with cool studios and awesome galleries. We visited five of them in the NW corner, which is truly breathtaking at this time of year. So, if you like to leaf peep with purpose, enjoy our CT Ceramics Trail and buy something beautiful!