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Did you play an instrument growing up? 

Over here, Bev violin, Lora on clarinet. Sadly, neither of our musical ambitions lasted very long. Bev’s parents said they didn’t mind if she didn’t practice 🙉. And Lora decided to take her talents in another direction.

However, after a recent visit to the Creative Music Center in Monroe (lessons, rentals, retail, yoga with music) – we’re seriously considering trying again with an instrument! Maybe the ukulele (which by the way, we were (kind of) able to strum a tune on after a 30-minute lesson).

If you’re looking for a new creative outlet or have kids who want to try…Creative Music Center is offering Unlocking CT readers an introductory 1 free lesson when you sign up for 3!

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The Creative Music Center in Monroe is a 5,500-sq-ft, full-service, FUN music store!

  • Rent – they manage a fleet of 3,500+ rental instruments! 
  • Music lessons for all ages
  • Instrument repair service with experts in-store
  • Purchase instruments, accessories & music books

We were lucky enough to visit when many of the teachers and staff were around (we were all there to do the first yoga with music class Creative Music Center is offering at the store) –  and can we just say, this is a warm and welcoming crew! 

Everyone at the Creative Music Center wants your musical experience to exceed all your expectations. They believe it should be fun, rewarding, fulfilling, and enriching. Not to mention a self-esteem builder!

The vision is to bring the joy of music to a wide array of people – from those beginning their musical journeys to those seeking improvement, and to adults who might want to rekindle their youthful experiences. 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋‍♀️


Lessons are the heartbeat of the store.

Owner – Mike Reisman

Private lessons are available online and in person in their comfortable rooms. Sign up to learn piano, guitar, bass guitar, voice, and drums/percussion as well as all band & orchestral instruments, including flute, clarinet, alto, tenor sax, trumpet, trombone, French horn, baritone horn, violin, viola, and cello!

And coming soon: Digital Music Production classes for all those musicians looking to be the next Billie Eilish!

You too can ukulele!

Ukulele lessons are also available.

Did you know it takes only two chords to play “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac? We think if we’d just had 1/2 an hour longer we would have nailed it! 😆 Thank you, Francesco, for your patience…so fun!

Stevie Nicks herself appreciated our efforts and curled up next to us for a listen

Rent & Repair

They rent over 3,500 instruments each year along with affiliates in Wallingford (Pat Russo Music), Milford (Route 1 Guitars), Milford (Orange Music Studio), Southbury (Southbury Music), and Ridgefield (Sharps & Flats).

Need help with an instrument? They’re a fully staffed on-site repair facility specializing in the repair/restoration of band, orchestral, and fretted musical instruments.


Instruments are there to be played, and they encourage customers to try things out. Note the ukulele tree at kid-grabbing level. Give it a go!

Meet the owner, Mike Reisman + Chief of staff, Stevie Nicks!

Mike Reisman jumped into the business to carry on the legacy of his late wife who was inspired to promote the cause of music education. 

In July 2002, Liz Reisman, a successful, nationally renowned journalist, decided to give up her career to go into the music retail business. When Mike asked why, she said, “I can’t think of anything more fulfilling to do with the rest of my life than bring the gift of music to children and the community in which they live!” 

And that’s what Creative Music Center has been doing for two decades based on her vision, energy, and love for the joy music brings to families & musicians.

Go give them a visit and a follow @creativemusiccenter


Creative Music Center – 701 Main St, Monroe, CT 06468

Pics: Lora / Words: Bev

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