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We couldn’t have been more thrilled to be invited to spend some time “behind the scenes” with the MOMIX dance company before their performance at the Warner Theater. Who hasn’t sat in the audience, waiting for the curtain to lift and the magic to begin, and wondered what’s going on back there?! We felt truly privileged to sit in with some of the dancers as they went through their pre-performance practices.

From the program: MOMIX is a company of dancer-illusionists under the direction of Moses Pendleton. With nothing more than light, shadow, props, and the human body, MOMIX has astonished audiences on five continents for more than 35 years.

Steven Ezra (Dancer/Dance Captain) and his dog Dutch. Joined MOMIX in 2003. Follow Dutch on Instagram @dutch_the_bulldog

Steven, what’s it like being a part of the MOMIX company?

“It’s like a family. I’ve made my entire dance career with the company – almost 14 years – it means a lot. There’s a whole life that is experienced here that you don’t get in any other dance company or any other profession. It’s something really special.”

Rebecca Rasmussen (Dancer/Dance Captain). Joined MOMIX in 2006

Rebecca, what is running through your mind at this point in the night?

“Excitement and kind of nervous because it’s a big premiere for the show and this is our hometown, so a lot of family and friends come. We should feel fine, but it’s a little more nerve wracking because we want to do a really good show for everybody.”

Simona Di Tucci (Dancer). Joined MOMIX in 2005.

Simona, what is the biggest challenge of what you do?

“There is a challenge every day in this kind of job. I think it’s a different way to use the body. You learn a particular movement that you have to do and interpret with props. Working with the props is really challenging. It’s hard to give life to a flower.”

Behind the scenes observations

The dancers were all applying make-up skillfully and thickly! It has to be seen from the back row.

Dutch provides some light comic relief and distraction.

Chatting about everyday things and stretching.

And more stretching, assisted by Dutch.

A sneak peak of “PAPER VIEW” a 35th-anniversary creation and Warner premiere. This would be the last performance before intermission and would leave the audience wide-eyed and elated. Moses Pendleton is a genius!

Steven with one of the extra “dancers” from “IF YOU NEED SOME BODY” – the last performance of the evening which had the entire audience in laughter. Moses Pendleton has a wicked sense of humor! Bravo!

After a half hour of picture-taking, chatting, and observing, we said our goodbyes and took our seats, ready for the show!


A huge thank you to Moses Pendleton and the entire company for allowing us this unforgettable experience.

Pics: Lora / Words: Bev

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