Tyler Green FX Studio x Anthony Videira Photography

You may have noticed that we like to go a little bigger and better each Halloween. With that in mind, we reached out to celebrity SFX makeup artist Tyler Green from Face Off and asked him if he’d like to help create our 2020 Halloween finale costume. We got an enthusiastic YES from Tyler, and so the story of the Raven Queens began…

Fierce Raven Queens

When Tyler asked us if we had anything in mind, our answer was “Not really, just make us freaky!” After some emails and calls back and forth, the fierce Raven Queens came to be.

Destination: Tyler Green FX Studio @Whiting Mills

We scheduled a 5 hour afternoon to work with Tyler and Anthony Videira. Anthony would be assisting Tyler in our face transformations, then taking the incredible photos of us you see here today! Tyler and Anthony met at Whiting Mills (the coolest artist community!) Open Studio day and now make a creative dream team!

Photo by Lora Karam

Are we claustrophobic?

When Tyler asked us that question we were both immediately claustrophobic! We needn’t have worried, turns out we were able to breathe just fine when we were getting beaks and chins glued to our face.

Our transformation involved…

  • Hairnets
  • Prosthetics glued to our faces (no laughing during the process! Only that was torture!!)
  • Makeup airbrushing
  • Eyelashes – bottom lids only for extra freakiness
  • Beak shining (no joke, and you can’t get this makeup in Sephora, by the way!)
  • Painting our hands black then figuring out a bathroom run before heading to White Memorial to shoot!

Off to White Memorial Conservation Center!

We secretly hoped we’d run into lots of people, but alas, we only freaked out a couple of joggers.

Our Q+A with Tyler Green during the process (us Q’ing without opening our mouths too wide)

Photo by Lora Karam

Tell us about your experience on Face Off! 29 episodes!

I saw the first episode when it came out in 2010 and was just so impressed with what I was seeing. I wanted to be involved and found out that anyone could audition, so I auditioned in 2012 into 2013. You had to submit a video describing your aesthetic and who you are as a person.

When they auditioned for season 5 & 6 they flew me out to Hollywood. They put me up in a hotel for 4 days, and when you were called you had to go in and apply makeup to yourself in front of the producers of the show, the casting agency, and the president of the SyFy network. [No pressure!]

So, I was chosen for Season 6 in the summer of 2013. I left in August, it took 3 months to film (spoiler: I made it all the way to the end), and then it aired in January. So it was a really quick turnaround. 

Life goals met!

For me, it was such a big experience. As a little kid, I had goals. I wanted to go to Hollywood, I wanted to make monsters, and I wanted to do something with TV. So, emotionally, getting off the plane and seeing the Hollywood sign and getting in a van to go and make monsters for TV…I was bawling. 

The show helped me know who I am as an artist. The biggest thing with that show is time management. I get that from my family. 

Now I’m getting into product development and coming up with things like the Monster Box!

Got kids? Get the Monster Box!

During the first few months of quarantine, instead of chilling and watching Netflix, Tyler came up with the Monster Box. You and your kids can choose from Zombies, Creepy Dolls, and Ghouls. You get everything you need for an at-home activity and it includes a special video tutorial from Tyler. FUN!

How did you get into all of this in the first place?

As a young kid, I had this visionary mind. I’d watch something and have this fixation to replicate something with materials I could find around the house like tin foil and tape. I would watch a film, read a book in class, then I would want to make it! 

These are things I don’t remember making, but my parents saved them! Photo by Lora Karam.
Photo by Lora Karam

Where do you find your inspiration?

It can be from anything and anyone. I find that when people have creative energy I feed off it. Anthony and I make a great team. We’ve been working together and he’s been giving me inspiration. You just have to have open mindedness and a willingness to expand on your talents!

Name some of your favorite places in CT!

The boardwalk in White Memorial Park – in fact, it’s where I get a lot of my inspiration. That area for me is like going into a Wonderland! Steep Rock Park in Washington. Marty’s, The Hickory Stick. My heart and soul is here in Litchfield County! ♥️

Oh, and Tyler also has his own coffee! Photos by Lora Karam.

It was an experience we’ll never forget!

Thank you so much, Tyler and Anthony!

Then, we went back to the studio to start the process of molting. Raven Queens, peace out.

Tyler Green FX Studio

Anthony Videira Photography

Photos by Anthony Videira Photography, except as noted.

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