A chat with Broadway legend Betty Buckley

We had the pleasure of taking a break during our workday and chatting with Broadway legend, Betty Buckley. An award-winning career that has encompassed TV, film, stage, and concert work around the globe, Betty is probably best known as the quintessential musical theater actress.

Your new two-disc live album, Story Songs, was just released this past April. What about the album are you most proud of?

I love the whole thing, I love the package, I love the musicians, I love the songs, I love the arrangements. The album was released by Palmetto Records. I’m really happy about it.

What’s your daily routine to keep your voice in shape?

When I’m preparing for a concert, several weeks in advance I start vocalizing every day, then I workout, I go to the gym and do a lot of cardio. And I try to eat healthily.

What is your advice to actors starting out today?

Just to really study and to understand finding the right teachers and coaches along the way is a constant process for professional singer/actors. Being a professional singer is like being a professional athlete, you have to maintain your instrument and have an outside eye, coaches/teachers, to make sure you don’t develop any bad habits.

Are you excited about your upcoming performances at the Wall Street Theater? Do you have any connection to Connecticut at all?

Actually, my assistant who’s worked with me for 17 years is from Avon. I love Connecticut, I think it’s beautiful and I’m excited to go to the new theater and to be with my wonderful pianist, Christian Jacob, on the May 15th theater gala. It’s going to be great to see him again. On June 3rd to have my full band who is; Christian Jacob; this fabulous guitar player, Oz Noy who’s on the recording; Ben Perowsky on drums, and Tony Marino on bass. I’ll be reunited with them on June 3rd.

Finish the sentence:

My favorite song is… I have a lot of favorite songs. The first one that comes to mind is “Come On, Come on” by Mary Chapin Carpenter. I also these days love the song “Practical Arrangement” by Sting, which is on my new record.

My favorite workout is…My favorite workout in terms of feeling good is yoga.

Next thing on my bucket list is…I have a big birthday coming up, so I think I’d like to go to Disney World again. I haven’t been there in a while!

Success is…Feeling happy inside, and at home with yourself.

Anything you want our readers to know about the album?

The album is really beautiful music and worth the listen!

We concur!

Photos from Betty Buckley and Wall Street Theater websites

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