Royal Wedding Etiquette with Karen Thomas

On the off chance that our invite is lost in the mail and we have to attend the upcoming royal wedding, we thought we’d check in with Connecticut’s etiquette guru, Karen Thomas. We brushed up on royal wedding attire, gifts, manners, and the “what happens/is said at the wedding, stays at the wedding” code of conduct. Plus, some other interesting royal tidbits.

Cheers to you, Harry and Meghan!

Royal Wedding Etiquette

We’re now ready for the big RW day coming up on Saturday, May 19th, are you?! Watch this vid so you’re fully clued up on how to behave at a royal wedding, or any wedding for that matter!

The royal wedding drinking game, “Queen”!

We wonder if the royal wedding party will partake in our original champagne drinking game that we made up. Try it at your royal wedding party this Saturday, May 19th!

Here are the rules: Every time anyone says “Queen” take a sip of champers. ? Pretty simple, we know.

Shot at the lovely White Horse Country Pub!
Wikimedia Commons/Mark Jones

What to wear, what to wear?

? Royal wedding dress code

  • Morning dress or lounge suit attire for guests
  • Hats are a MUST for women and a top hat for men
  • Hats MUST be made of straw for women
  • Women should dress to the knee or lower
  • No bare shoulders
  • Closed-toe shoes

Definite Royal Wedding No-Nos!

?NO Photography at the wedding (just as well we’re not invited really, Lora would implode if she was there and couldn’t take pics!).

?No gossip! Full discretion is expected of anything overhead at the wedding (again, just as well we’re not going).

Gifts – don’t forget a gift receipt…

JK. Prince Harry and Meghan are asking guests to donate to one of their chosen seven charities in lieu of toasters and crystal.

Did you know?

On the day of the wedding, Harry and Meghan’s titles will be announced…

Will they be the Duke and Dutchess OR the Earl and Countess – tune in to find out!

Transportation of choice…

If the weather behaves, they’ll be taking the Ascot Landau carriage after the wedding service at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, to do the drive around Windsor town. Royal wave to the common folk!

Thank you, Karen Thomas, our go-to etiquette coach!

Shot on location at The White Horse Country Pub

Words: Bev/Photos by Lora Karam, unless noted.

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