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This week’s blog activity finds us on e-bikes, making our way around beautiful Lake Waramaug, thanks to KC&E Adventures, a business we’re excited to share with you! They have a bunch of itineraries and programs, but we opted for the “Vino Velo Tour,” a self-guided tour starting (and ending) at Hopkins Vineyard (Litchfield County). After our awesome ride, we enjoyed a picnic lunch and wine tasting.

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KC&E Adventures

KC&E Adventures offer experiences in New England and abroad. They have everything from self-guided e-bike day tours (what we’re doing in this post!) to multi-day road and gravel tours, to mountain bike trips through the Highlands of Iceland (sign us up!!), and kids camps throughout New England.

Watch our lil video of our awesome day!

No experience required

We love those words! And it’s true…it’s been a wee while since we’ve been on a bike, never mind an e-bike. But, we needn’t have worried. After a few simple instructions we were off, and it was like…well, like riding a bike!

What’s an e-bike?

You might well ask. Basically, sweet, sweet bikes that give you a motorized pedal-assist when you ask for it, allowing you to enjoy your experience for longer! It’s you on a bike, only better!

Collin Daulong, KC&E co-founder, meets us at Hopkins to deliver our bikes. Self-guided tours include support at the start, end, and during, if you need it.

Tours can be guided, self-guided, or you can book a private-guided experience! You can even just rent an e-bike if you live in the Litchfield County area and want to do your own thing.

After some bike riding reminders, tips, and instructions about the GPS (a smart phone attached to the handlebars giving turn by turn directions)…

We were off…

…for about 5 seconds before we were yelling, “Photo stop!”

Lake Waramaug is one heck of a breathtaking part of Litchfield Country. Stay on your side of the road as you take in the gorgeous homes, rolling fields, and beautiful lake scenes!

And cows grazing in the fields

Lake Waramaug selfie-stop

A couple of miles into our ride provided a great stopping point to take in the beauty around us…and some helmet selfies ?.

KC&E Adventures…the story so far

Husband and wife team Collin & Caitlin Daulong launched KC&E Adventures in 2015. They started with offering single-day tours in northern Vermont but quickly grew to having 30+ employees and helping 1,300+ people a year experience some of their favorite regions of the world.

Caitlin came from a tourism background providing VIP tours through Rome, Italy with a company that toured the likes of Oprah, Mark Zuckerberg, Justin Bieber, Barrack Obama, and many more! And Collin came from the cycling industry and graduated with a BS in Exercise Science from Miami University of Ohio. Together, their combined passions and knowledge create KC&E Adventures!

Both Collin & Caitlin are passionate about creating memorable and exceptional experiences; they believe that experiences are the spice of life and want to share that with others.

Other tours in CT include…

The Farm to Table Experience – an e-bike farm tour and eating experience. The Distillery Dirt Road Ride, ending with, you guessed it, a distillery tasting. And there’s also the Bikes and Brews Tour. ?

Got kids?

Check out the Bike Packing Camp for high schoolers through Litchfield county, or the Mountain Biking Day Camps.

Prepare to have “on top of the world” feels! ✌️

This view is just one of the rewards for making it round the lake (all flat, all beautiful, by the way).

The bliss doesn’t stop at the end of your spin…

Because now it’s time to hand off our bikes to Collin, who’s waiting for us at Hopkins Vineyard to take our wine tasting order and provide us with the most delicious picnic from The Smithy!

Pop in some pigtails, grab a pal, and have yourself a sweet summer adventure!

And use this code ?

Use code unlockingct10 for 10% off your e-bike experience!

Wine trees

KC&E Adventures 203.200.0584

Pics: Lora / Words: Bev

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