Ryan Kristafer at Jazzercise New Milford!

We invited Ryan Kristafer of News Channel 8 fame to come and take a Jazzercise class with us at the New Milford location, where I, (Bev) happen to teach.  If you know your Unlocking CT trivia, you’ll know that Jazzercise is where the two of us became friends and is a workout we both love!

And those who know Ryan Kristafer and his “Cruisin’ Connecticut” segment, realize that he’s up for any challenge and loves to try fun things, much like us! So, it was really no surprise when he agreed to come along and give Jazzercise a try. 

What is Jazzercise?

It’s a pulse-pounding, beat-pumping fitness program. It’s a calorie-torching dance party with a hot playlist to distract you from the burn. One hour will go by in what feels like minutes and you won’t want to stop!

We think Ryan is probably hooked on Jazzercise now, and lucky for him, there are classes all over the States and the world! You can find a class near you by clicking here.

Regulars suggest to Ryan that he may want to roll up his sleeves for this.
Class owner Christine Oberc explains to Ryan what he’s about to try!
Look how high he’s able to kick…maybe he’s done this before?
If Ryan can do it…
We’re always up for a spot of freestyling, but most of all, fun!
How would you caption this?! Answers in comments, please 🙂

Jazzercise New Milford 

Former Rockette and professional dancer Christine Oberc owns the New Milford Jazzercise location and is our fearless leader! She can mambo like no other! The New Milford studio offers 9 classes a week at the studio located within JK Shuffles. Follow the Facebook page for instructor and format listings.

The New Milford Jazzercise Team! Bev Canepari, Tiffany Benham, Christine Oberc (class owner), and Erika Hagan. If I say so myself, we all teach awesome classes!

So, why Jazzercise?

It’s personal story time…gather round…

Who would ever have thought Jazzercise would mean so much to me? I certainly didn’t when I was bored one fall back in 2005ish and decided to give it a try. I always loved to dance and wanted to find a way to bring dance back into my adult life, and get a good workout at the same time!

Jazzercise seemed to incorporate everything I wanted. Although I thought the name sounded a smidge funny, I saw a coupon in the newspaper and decided to give it a try! Hello, life-altering moment. They say find an exercise that you love, and I did!

Christine Melfi-Damon was the Queen of Jazzercise in the area at the time. Everyone who has ever taken her class at some point or another during her 26-year reign of teaching (1983 to 2009) remembers her well. I’ve taken many different classes taught by many different instructors around the world, and nobody has ever motivated and uplifted me like Christine Melfi-Damon.

Becoming an instructor…

Pretty soon I became a regular and after about 5 failed attempts to get me to come up on stage and co-teach, Chris finally managed to get me out of my shell and got me up. “Love Stoned/I think She Knows,” by Justin Timberlake was the song; you never forget your first. What a thrill! Taking class was fun, teaching class was even better! I was hooked.

With Chris as my amazing mentor and super encouraging classmates cheering me on, I became an instructor in 2008. To this day I still love teaching and spreading my enthusiasm for this great program. I think most people who take Jazzercise classes around the world agree, it’s not only a great physical workout, it also does wonders for the brain. Happy endorphins galore!

And, dear readers, if it wasn’t for Jazzercise, Lora and I wouldn’t have met many years ago…we wouldn’t have become friends, and wouldn’t have created Unlocking Connecticut!

Ready to try it?

There’s no time like the present! Jazzercise New Milford is offering a couple of deals, choose one that suits you best. Just mention Unlocking Litchfield to get your first month free if you sign up for an EFT – $59 a month for unlimited classes. Or, 20% off a 10 class pass.

See you there!

Jazzercise New Milford

99 Danbury Road (on Route 7) Building in front of “Modern Supply,” New Milford, CT 06776


Photos: Lora (except for Jazzercise promo photos) / Words: Bev

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