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Let Kent Fitness Matters get your all-you-can-eat-pandemic-body ready for the post-COVID days to come! We stopped by to visit Hope Lord in her newer and larger studio in Kent where she offers personal or small group training in a lovely, safe environment.

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Kent Fitness Matters…

…was started as a small personal training studio on the second floor in Kent Barns. They recently moved to a larger first-floor studio just down the road at 27 North Main Street in Kent. 

Not only has the studio grown larger, but Hope’s services have grown as well.  With continuing education, she’s able to supply services to a more diverse group of individuals.

And those services are…

  •      Personal training
  •      On-line classes; both one-on-one and groups
  •      Functional training/stretch, strength, and balance
  •      Training for breast cancer survivors and fighters!
  •      At-home training
  •      And introducing Stretch and Kvetch – in-studio and on-line

Show us how to stretch and kvetch!

Hope led us through some delicious stretches and we let loose about how much of a beotch COVID is and ooh we felt a lot better within a few minutes!

Hope’s fitness philosophy…

Embrace change

Feel good

Be happy

The goal at Kent Fitness Matters is to help facilitate the happiest and healthiest version of you. That, to Hope, is the true definition of the mind-body connection.

The story behind the Stretch & Kvetch class?

I felt like the more senior folks in the area are very isolated right now. So, I wanted to have a safe place where 2 or 3 people who know each other could come together, or join us online, to stretch and talk things out!

And now I have younger clients who want to do it. All those people who are working from home need to be reminded and coached to stretch. 

Punching it out also helps!

Fave piece of equipment/move right now?

The squat in the Smith machine!

Kent Fitness Matters has all the methods to keep workouts interesting!

Balls, bands, free weights, weight machines, treadmills, Smith machines, TRX, and more. Hope keeps all workouts fresh!

Patti LuPone – true story

Have you noticed how fierce Patti LuPone’s looking?

Our sharp little minds remembered Hope telling us previously that Patti LuPone was a client, so we asked if we could mention that in this post. Hope said probably, but she’d just check with Patti and make sure she was ok with that. Patti responded back immediately, “Sure, as long as they spell my name right!” [Note: We would never ever spell her name wrong. Ever.]

Kent Fitness Matters – 27 Main St. Unit 3B in Kent, CT 06757

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Words: Bev Canepari / Pics: Lora Karam

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