A morning at the New Milford Farmers Market

Rejoice, it’s New Milford Farmers Market season!

Farmers markets are everything. They’re a place to get the freshest and most local fruit, vegetables, and flowers, as well as loads of other produce. They’re a venue to hang out with your neighbors and community. A place to spot really cute dogs, to people watch, and to eat baked goods. At the farmers market, you can learn about the items you’re buying straight from the experts and growers. Get cooking tips, and on this particular Saturday when we visited, pose on our red carpet in front of our Unlocking Litchfield step and repeat backdrop!

Post sponsored by the New Milford Farmers Market

Since 1991, the New Milford Farmers Market has come together (originally with just four vendors) to bring customers the best in local produce at one convenient location. Now, with around 17 local farms and businesses, it’s the perfect place to shop for a large selection of local, often organic items.

First, we shop. Always.

We put together this Unlocking Litchfield guide to the New Milford Farmers Market for you. Check out all the vendors you can discover when you come here next Saturday! The first thing we bought was coffee from the Green Granary (and a scone) then on to pick out our veggies like farmers market pros. Irresistible heads of lettuce, garlic scapes (we love an interesting, out of the ordinary vegetable!), curly kale, and a crusty loaf of olive bread. Mmmm.

We love to eat our greens as well as our scones!

6 Reasons We Love The New Milford Farmers Market

We feel so “Under the Tuscan Sun” when we stroll the market picking out a baguette, goat cheese, and perfect tomatoes

We get a large dose of dog love! So many cute pooches and different breeds in one spot

We can catch up with friends and neighbors without the full commitment of a coffee date

We get to chat with people who are passionate about what they do and what they sell

Shopping in the fresh air and natural light is way better than grocery store overhead lighting. Better for selfies

Stacks of pretty vegetables make for great Instagram pictures

When Unlocking Litchfield comes to the New Milford Farmers Market…

We’ll go first!

“Would you like to pose with your plants and veg?!”

Michael, Deidre, and Ingmar did!
Nathan Strauss was happy to oblige us with his basil plants…
These cuties didn’t want to stop eating their Averill Farm cider donuts, and who could blame them? Have you tried them?!
A fellow blogger Shelley Rinaldi stopped by to say hi!
Daisy, smeyesing (Google it if you don’t know)…
Paul’s Custom Pet Food noticed that we had a lot of doggy divas working our red carpet and thought these would come in useful. They were a big hit….
Ingmar worked the carpet like a supermodel and earned a treat!
Let’s just wrap up this post with cute things, shall we?

Head along to your local farmers market this weekend and tag us in some pics! We’d love it and may share! 🙂

New Milford Farmers Market

Unlocking Litchfield guide to the New Milford Farmers Market

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Words: Bev/ Pics: Lora

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  1. Thanks so much for the shout out! It made my day! This post convinced me, next time I go to the farmers market I have to get a scone!

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