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Navigating the world of business ownership can be a challenge (yes, although our blog is pure fun, it’s still our side hustle and our LLC!). Unlocking Connecticut is on its way to having a ® after its name, which is not as complicated as it might seem when you find yourself a good lawyer! While we were visiting Trevenen & Coploff (Denise and Jeffrey), we picked their brains for some additional tips to pass on to our readers!

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Trevenen & Coploff, LLC

Trevenen & Coploff, LLC is a full-service law firm located in Washington Depot. They represent individuals and businesses in real estate purchases, sales and refinances, general business, intellectual property, estate planning, and probate matters. We asked them to handle our trademark registration. Why do this, you wonder? We asked Jeffrey Coploff to explain!

Why should a business have a registered trademark?

  • Registering your trademark with the US Patent & Trademark Office gives you the right to use the ® after the mark, putting the world on notice that you have a federally registered trademark.
  • This also allows you to sue infringers in federal court, possibly entitling you to greater damages and attorney’s fees.
  • A federal registration strengthens your brand.
  • It also prevents competitors from encroaching on your rights by preventing others from using confusingly similar marks.
  • A US registration also can form the basis for worldwide trademark protection.

Before we get down to business and sharing more important legal tips…we get to know Denise and Jeffrey on an Unlocking level. We asked these 3 very important questions before getting serious…

Meet Denise D. Trevenen

She specializes mainly in real estate transactions.

Favorite law show on tv?

It used to be Ally McBeal and LA Law! But I’m more into medical shows now.

When you’re not lawyering, what can we find you doing?

Spending time with my kids and I’m very involved with the community. My biggest project has been working on the Judy Black Memorial Park and Gardens in town. And I’m an avid golfer!

Favorite restaurant?

I love all the restaurants around here. I really love Norimaki in town. I love Arethusa, too.

Meet Jeffrey Coploff

Specializing in estate planning, probate, and small business law.

Favorite law show on tv?

L.A. Law and currently, The Good Fight with Christine Baranski.

When you’re not lawyering, what are you doing?

I’m an art lover, so I like going to galleries and museums and love the theater. I had a gallery in Chelsea for 10 years. I’m also a bit of a foodie.

Favorite restaurant in our neck of the woods?


The office building where you can find Trevenen & Coploff is in a very beautiful part of the world. On the river in Washington Depot, the views from the meeting room are quite distracting!

Over to Denise to tell us…

5 Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Attorney

The purchase or sale of real estate can be the largest and most important financial transaction you ever make. Each transaction is unique and has its own quirks and unique characteristics.

  1. Engage an experienced real estate attorney early in the process to ensure the successful completion of the purchase or sale. Remember: only your attorney protects your rights.
  2. Buying or selling property is a detailed procedure. Your attorney can guide you throughout the process including formulating and signing the offer, negotiating a Purchase and Sale Agreement, dealing with inspection issues, working with your bank to secure approval/commitment of your mortgage, and ultimately representing your best interests at the closing table.
  3. Select an attorney who specializes in real estate law and is particularly knowledgeable in local transactions – – knowledge of local procedures can greatly expedite the process. In CT, some lenders allow your attorney to also represent the Lender, which will save you time and money.
  4. The most important role your real estate attorney plays is ensuring there is not a problem with the title and that the Purchase Agreement is fair to you.
  5. A real estate attorney can be very helpful post-closing with questions that may arise with renovations and additions to the property (such as pools, a guest house, etc.) and possible adjustments to property tax assessments.

Side story

The office building at 18 Titus Road has had several lives. Originally, it was an egg depository! It used to be an antique store, was a deli. The last owner brought it down to the studs, but the one thing that survived is this cooler door (over 100 years old), where the eggs were stored. We love historic things like that!

And back to Jeffrey with…

5 Legal Things to Consider…and take care of! (Sound advice.)

  1. Think about updating your Will if you’ve had any major changes in your life (marriage, kids, divorce, etc.).
  2. Make sure your healthcare documents are up-to-date and that you’re still comfortable with the people you’ve selected as your health care representatives.
  3. Think about whether and how a business you own might continue after you’re gone. Is there somebody ready and able to take it over?
  4. If you own a business, think about forming a limited liability company (LLC) to protect your personal assets.
  5. If your business uses a word or words or a logo in connection with the goods or services it offers, you might want to apply for a trademark registration.
Office supply envy!

Thanks for making the legal stuff less of a headache Jeffrey and Denise!

We can’t wait to get our ®!

Trevenen & Coploff, LLC

18 Titus Road, Washington Depot, CT 06794


Words: Bev/Pics: Lora

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