Nice to meet you, Donovan Darnell!

We’ve got a new song we’re listening to on repeat called “8:37” by an upcoming artist you should know about named Donovan Darnell.

Just remember, you heard about him from us first! ?

Have a watch and a listen here, then keep scrolling for our chat with Donovan

Awesome, right?! You can also check out his latest album Nice to Meet You here.

P.S. Donovan is the grand old age of 18.

Like we said, going places!

You’re 18 and just released your first music video “8:37” which we love! What’s the story behind the lyrics and the video?

I was sitting down at my piano one day and was thinking about the concept of love. I wanted it to be somewhere between happy and sad. Once I found that the lyrics just came out!  

As for the video, it started off with me and a woman as mannequins to represent feeling stuck. But, being able to spend any moment with someone you love imbues life. When 8:37 strikes…we come alive! It represents that a lifetime can be experienced in that one short moment when you are with the one you love. 

Sniff, that’s beautiful!

Tell us about your musical journey so far…and what’s the dream?!

At the age of 3, I sat down to play the piano. According to my mom, she had offered to teach me, but I told her I already knew how! I quickly learned to play anything by ear. 

From Michigan to Connecticut to NYC, I’ve always kept creating and playing the piano. In Connecticut, I found my vocals and in New York City, I’ve found my style. I’ve been lucky enough to work with some pretty amazing people.

The dream? To become one of the biggest names in music and go down as a legend! [laughs]

Dream big, we approve!

What’s next?

Promoting, creating, and taking big leaps!

Who do you love to listen to?

I enjoy listening to so many artists but Queen is who comes to mind. 

Who’s your biggest inspiration?

Now I know it’s going to sound corny, but if I look at who has accomplished a lot and has handled so many situations so well, the answer is easy…it’s my mom.

Awwww! We love your mom too. Hi, Dr. Tommasina at Eyes on Litchfield!

We know you’re living in NYC now, but tell us what you loved about your time here in CT.

The beautiful landscape and fresh country air. 

Who would you love to do a duet with?

There’s so many, it’s hard to choose just one….but let’s go with Ariana Grande!

Thanks, Donovan…we’ll be watching your journey! ⭐️

Photo credit: Duff Images (provided by Donovan Darnell)

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