We could all use some Neville Wisdom!

Neville Wisdom makes beautiful clothes for people who want to feel great and look great. We visited him at his atelier and store on Whalley Avenue in New Haven, and got to see where the magic happens!

Neville Wisdom is doing it right!

The Neville Wisdom belief system and business model is one that cares deeply about the environment, sharing the wealth, empowering others, and providing opportunities for young and upcoming designers.

One of a kind, sometimes multiples…

Neville told us if he had it his way, he’d never repeat a design and only make one of each. But, he jokes he will sometimes have to make multiples. A shopper in his store can spot something they like and buy off the rack, or even better, allow Neville to custom fit the piece of clothing to them. 

And if your dreams include having an atelier make the clothes you have imagined in your head….Neville Wisdom is your guy!

Firmly on our #fashiongoals list.

Neville Wisdom in his Whalley Ave store and design studio

“I’m just a guy who likes to design cool stuff.”

No limits design

Another thing Neville Wisdom believes…that there should be no limits to design. He loves to create beautiful clothes using shape and making unusual patterns. To minimize waste, he’ll often design using one piece of fabric.

As a company, they’re conscious of how they treat the environment and use a computer-aided program that cuts directly into the fabric. This wonder machine stores the pattern, allows easy editing, and cuts the material without pattern paper.

Designer NW masks

Neville Wisdom has been busy making fashionable masks. Get your CT designer mask here!

When did you start designing?

I fell in love with clothes early. I wanted cool clothes but didn’t have the money, so I figured I had to make them myself.

Who were some designers you loved as a kid? 

It wasn’t so much a designer as it was a book – Vogue. My mother sewed. There was always a Vogue hanging around the house and I just really got lost in the images. I wasn’t so aware of who the designer was, it was the look. Of course, I loved Christian Dior.

I like classical but also I’m very Jamaican. I incorporate the two. 

What’s your least favorite part of the whole design/creating process? 

I LOVE pleats. I’ve done an entire collection just about pleats. As far as a part I love the least…I’d have to say, “buttonholes.”

[And then he laughs with his infectious laugh!]

Neville with his right-hand guy, Dwayne Moore. Dwayne is a huge part of the Neville Widsom business and has his own line, Duss Wayne.

Upcoming designers out there, check out the Neville Wisdom incubator program.


Do you have something special coming up? Imagine something made specifically to your body that fits like a dream and elevates your best features?! Give Neville a call and tell him we sent you!


Get in line! Lol. Neville has a waiting list of guys who want their own made-to-measure unique NW shirt!

Neville Wisdom

903 Whalley Ave , New Haven, CT 06515


Pics: Lora Karam / Words: Bev Canepari

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