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Angela Niznik, aka Styling Seed, will get inside your head, and inside your wardrobe, if you ask her to! She’ll help you kick up your personal style a notch, oust what does not serve you, and be on call to help you with those, “Which shoes?” dilemmas. If you thought having a stylist was only for celebs or red carpet occasions, you thought wrong! Here’s a glimpse into our Best Friend Package styling experience.

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We first noticed Styling Seed’s founder, Angela Niznik through, you guessed it, Instagram. After some Insta-loving back and forth (Angela’s personal style gets an A+) we decided we needed to have the Styling Seed treatment. Professional help with picking out some new summer looks? Yes, please!

The chic, the beautiful, Angela Niznik!

Styling Seed Services

  • The Closet Edit – Angela will come to your home with her fresh eyes and help you rid your wardrobe of things that no longer suit you (don’t worry, she’s gentle). She’ll create a game plan to recycle, consign, toss, or donate. But she won’t stop there; she’ll follow up with an email recapping notes from the session, along with shopping links to additional items needed and/or a Pinterest board for guidance on how to wear particular looks. Full service!
  • Wardrobe RestylingFor those of us who have a great wardrobe but don’t know how to pull it together! This service includes figuring out how to wear certain pieces in your wardrobe that you love, but just don’t know how to wear. Post-session – A digital lookbook displaying multiple looks (10-20). Emailed session recap with links to fresh wardrobe additions. And, text access for the following month for continued support!
    and the one we did
  • In-Person Shopping -For the client with wardrobe frustrations in need of a refresh, or assistance in shopping for a particular event. Angela will help pick a store that best suits your goals, pre-select and fill the fitting room with items suited to your style goals and sizing, then help work through pieces to make sure they work best for your body type and that you love them! Post-session – an email recapping notes from the session, along with shopping links to additional items, if necessary, and/or Pinterest board for guidance on how to wear new looks. Plus, text support for a month.

It started with an email…

We both answered a fun questionnaire through email that Angela sent us a couple of weeks before our session. Basic Qs, such as hair color, size, skin type, etc. Then delving a little deeper into, style goals, what we would like to add to our wardrobes, lifestyle, looks we’d like to try…we love these types of questionnaires! If preferred, this process can also happen by phone, but we’re more email gals!

We guessed straight away whose fitting room was whose!

Now, where to shop?

Knowing our love of local, Angela was able to give us the choice of a few great CT boutiques that would fit our style and budget needs. As you saw in last week’s post, we ended up at Blue Star Bazaar! Angela is also happy to meet clients in the mall, TJ Maxx, or Nordstrom for one-stop department store shopping.

The shopping challenge

Based on our email chat, we decided she would put together 3 looks for us; activewear, casual day, and night out. We would meet at Blue Star Bazaar for a presentation of how to wear her top picks for spring/summer trends, followed by a 2-hour in-person shopping session. Time flies when you’re having fun and trying on cute outfits!

The art of pulling together looks

Angela has always been passionate about fashion and loves soaking up everyday street style, especially in NYC or abroad. Her attention to detail is beyond amazing and we loved picking up lots of styling tricks and tips!

Styling Seed Philosophies

It’s not about who you’re wearing but how you’re wearing it. Sometimes it takes hiring a pro to help guide you in owning what looks great on you and getting rid of what doesn’t work for you. Angela believes in the power of a good outfit making you feel good on a bad day and loves the concept of helping women feel their best on a regular basis.

We also learned the word “plandid” (where have we been?!) and will never stop using it now. Here’s a couple of “plandid” shots.

What’s in a name?

Styling Seed is about fashion that stems from within; cultivating your own couture; weeding out the bad (getting rid of what no longer suits you); staying in the sun (buying what you love); watering your garden (adding significant pieces); planting the seed; getting to the root of and growing with your own, unique style!

Acing the plandid shots

Shopping euphoria

After an enlightening shopping/bloggeling marathon, we left Blue Star Bazaar all smiles and shopping bags. Success!

Styling Seed Session Recap!

A couple of weeks later, we received a thorough email recap, which was extremely helpful…there was no time to take notes while there were clothes to try on! Having picked up on some additional wishes we each had during our time together, Angela sent us our very own Nordstrom virtual style boards. Curated items picked out just for us. This is an ongoing service Angela can provide for her clients. Ladies with no time to shop – how good does this sound?!

What an awesome and worthwhile experience. Having a professional stylist look at your fashion with fresh, non-judgy eyes was such a treat. One we think we’ll have to treat ourselves to more often now we know the value!

Thank you, Styling Seed!

Styling Seed

Shot on location at Blue Star Bazaar

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Words: Bev/ Pics: Lora

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