A visit to the JED NYC showroom

During a recent trip to the city, we decided to mix business with fashion pleasure and drop in on the Jed luxury knitwear showroom. We wanted to say hi to Jed Krascella and his team, and see what they’re cooking up for fall 2017. Hint – an abundance of the finest sweaters you could ever want! 

In case you didn’t see our post last year, Jed is a luxury lifestyle brand led by Jed Krascella, previously VP of Design at Perry Ellis. We loved dressing up and dressing down two of Jed’s cashmere sweaters, putting our own spin on styling them.

Now, it was time to visit the mother ship and touch, feel, and of course, try on more Jeds!

Fall 2017

As described in Jed’s lookbook, the fall 2017 collection conjures “recollections of poets and pre-Raphaelites.” The collection now includes dresses and outerwear as well as sweaters offered in the finest yarns from around the world.

The Jed lifestyle

Jed is an alternative lifestyle brand, joining things of beauty – from rare to rustic, from humble to the divine. So far they have been focusing solely on apparel but plan on expanding into three additional lifestyle categories; fashion accessories, fragrance, and home.

Inspiring artifacts

The studio has a large display case of amulets and souvenirs from around the world. A treasure trove of inspirational collections including; Greek worry beads. Spirits from Laos. Evil eyes. Russian + Ukrainian eggs. Lucky symbol monkeys from Japan. Witches balls. Scarabs from Egypt. Precious stones. Bone carvings. Lucky turtles.

Basically, everything that will bring good fortune and luck and keep away evil.

Jed plans on offering a small collection of these amulets on their site soon, fostering the “good luck/good fortune” gift giving culture he has witnessed and appreciated during his travels around the globe.

The best cashmere comes from Scotland!!

When it comes to knitwear, Jed is a stickler for going to the experts of each type of textile. For cashmere, that means Scotland. We learned the reason Scottish cashmere is so good is because there’s more cashmere per square inch; it’s denser. It doesn’t bounce out of shape.  Plus, it’s “finished” with water from the surrounding areas using no detergents.

Only Scottish cashmere for us from now on!

Details, details…

Thanks to Jed we now have a deeper appreciation for textured diagonal panels, flounced cuffs, color subtleties, Italian camel hair, and the purest Japanese silks. We’d better start our luxury sweater savings account!

Ze view from ze showroom.

Click here to be whisked to the current Jed 2017 Spring and Resort collection.

Thanks to Jed and his ever-wonderful Marketing Director Cara DeMichele!

Congrats to Sherry Brady who won a gorgeous Jed sweater gifted to us to give away to one of our lucky readers.


Instagram @jednewyork

Pics: Lora / Words: Bev

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