Thérapeue, At-Home Massage

The experience of an at-home massage with Erika Larskaya, aka Thérapeue, was heaven. We got to stay in our leggings and enjoy relaxation to the max. Never thought of it as an option? Here’s all you need to know about Thérapeue, At-Home Massage…

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Imagine the massage of all massages…

Relaxation without having to leave your house!

Yes, it’s every bit as blissful as it sounds. A massage in your own oasis where you can continue to wind down after and sink into a deep sleep. Ahhh. Or, treat yourself on the weekend to some much-needed you time, minus the travel. It’s something to consider!

Erika says her clients love it because, “I come, I give them a massage customized to their needs, and then I leave without a trace.”

Like a magic fairy god-masseuse, we say!

Come on over!

We asked Erika to come to Lora’s house on a Sunday (she was super flexible with our busy calendar). She showed up, set up, and asked us about our needs (low-back Bev, runner legs Lora).

Erika has magic in her hands. The pressure and intuition to what our bodies needed was ?.

After we recovered ?, it was Q time with Erika

What do you like to do for fun when you’re not massaging?

When I’m not massaging, I’m either obsessing over a sunset, a seashell, or a tree trunk. But most likely, I’m at my artist studio, having a conversation with one of my canvas.

 Tell us about your art. It’s beautiful!

I’m an abstract artist working with acrylics and mixed media. I use shapes and colors to express my feelings, so I don’t take it out on my clients (lol). I have a studio in downtown Torrington, three blocks from where I live. Website

We ask everyone…give a shout out to your fave restaurant

Bohemian Pizza is the best. It’s quirky, delish, and local. They have the sweetest servers, gorgeous fish tanks (I’m crazy about everything ocean), and a lovely fireplace.

Lora’s cat Daisy watched on…perhaps a little jelly

You give everyone else the gift of deep relaxation – how do you relax?

I live in the most beautiful area. Nature is healing, and I take advantage of it as much as possible by taking healthy power walks. I listen to Jazz and Lo-Fi Beats. I stretch before bedtime. And yes, I get occasional massages.

Erika also offers Thai Table Massage.

 Fun fact about you?!

I’m fluent in Russian!!

Thérapeue services

  • Deep tissue
  • Swedish
  • Prenatal massage
  • Thai Table Massage & Stretching
  • Complimentary aromatherapy
  • 60 min, 90- and 120-min sessions
  • Back-to-back sessions
  • Flexible hours
  • And a wide travel radius

Do it! And tell Erika we sent you. ?

Erika Larskaya – Théreapeue


Pics: Lora + Bev (except as noted)/ Words: Bev

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