New Year, New You

There’s no time like the present to make THIS your healthiest year ever! We did the legwork and found 10 fabulous, independent studios in Litchfield County, offering every kind of fitness option out there. Take a scan through and pick something new to try.  You know this already – find something you enjoy, and you will stick with it!

Happy New Year and Happy Clean Slate Day!


We loved driving around meeting all the incredible owners of these studios. We sampled them all and can’t wait to go back for a full class at each one. Make sure you’re following us on FB and Instagram for pics and vids of us trying them all – or teaching one…keep reading to the end 😉

Click the link for each studio for address, class schedules, and to learn more.

Sanctuary Power Yoga – Torrington


Sanctuary Power Yoga is built on accessibility and community. We believe this yoga is for everybody, regardless of your prior experience with yoga, sports or the gym. We offer heated & unheated power yoga classes that will challenge you in a way that is unlike any other physical workout. This yoga will strengthen & transform your body, quiet your mind and renew your spirit.

We created this space so that you can step out of your busy life and make room for yourself. When you step onto your mat and begin to move and breathe…you’ll feel it. The real power in this yoga is yours. We believe that when you reclaim your power on your mat, you can then bring it with you into your life and experience real transformation.  The “new you” that you are looking for in the new year already exists within you, and we’ll help you find that.

Whether you are seasoned in yoga or have never tried power yoga before, we invite you to join us for class & to become a part of our community. To breathe, move, sweat, and experience transformation for yourself.

Contact: Heather Rems Korwin

CT Combat – Oakville


Since 2009, CT Combat has been committed to bringing out the personal best in its family style team. In our 4,000 square foot unique facility, we specialize in realistic martial arts and personal fitness training for self-defense, optimal performance, and personal development. Build your body and your mind at the same time. From 4 years of age to the golden years, we have something for everyone – including you. Bring your self-confidence and fitness to its highest level. Call (203) 558-5032.

Contact: Stacey Scapeccia

Mind-Body Connection – New Milford


Mind-Body Connection is a Pilates studio offering private, semi-private and group classes.  Pilates is an incredible way to exercise working your core; constantly trimming your waistline and toning all of your muscles.  Who wouldn’t want to give Pilates a try?  Especially after a holiday season of indulgence and frivolity.  Come try a Pilates class and/or session for FREE!  Yes for FREE!  That is how much we believe you will be hooked after one class or session.

Mind-Body Connection offers a variety of classes.  Try a traditional mat class or bump it up a notch with a barre class – our most intense offering.  Or if group classes aren’t for you, sign up for a complimentary apparatus session.  You will experience a combination of Pilates apparatus like the Barrel, Chair, Reformer or Trapeze Table.  Trust me I think everyone, men, and women, no matter age, will find a workout tailored for them at Mind-Body Connection.  We look forward to seeing YOU in the New Year!

Contact: Marion Cooper

W.Rhythm Fitness Studio – Kent

Healthy lifestyle, fit body, and peaceful mind. When one thinks about starting a fitness program, I strongly believe that these three things must be the ultimate goal. Throughout the years, I have seen people’s lives being completely transformed for the better as a result of a workout routine that they truly enjoy. 

At W. Rhythm Fitness Studio, you will find fresh, innovative classes, that will take your fitness journey to the next level. We offer a variety of Barre classes (from beginner to advanced), PiYo, Piloxing, Zumba, Belly Dance Party and one of my creations, Dance Flow, which is a yoga inspired class using techniques and elements of style and disciplines of dance.

And as part as our New Year’s resolution plan we are launching a 30 Day Whole Food Plan that will help you to reset your body in a natural and healthy way delivering long lasting weight loss results. I can’t wait to meet you and to guide you through a new fitness experience that will deliver true and effective results. It will just be an expression of who you are!

Contact: Wanessa Anderson

Yoga at Space – Salisbury


For over fourteen years, Yoga at Space has offered high-quality classes to the Tri-State community. Founded by Sarah Getz, the Lakeville studio now includes seven other certified teachers in the fields of Yoga, meditation, and movement studies – all of whom have many years of training and experience. Our schedule offers morning, evening, and weekend Embodyoga classes for beginners as well as continuing students. Yoga at Space also hosts pay-by-donation community classes, meditation classes, and special workshops.

Embodyoga combines the essence of traditional Yoga with cutting edge principles from the fields of body-mind research and scientific studies. Ranging from very gentle to more challenging and athletic, our Embodyoga classes are taught with an attitude of exploration, mindfulness, and fun! Slow deliberate movements and postures, combined with deep, rhythmical breathing, cultivate whole-body fitness and confidence, while calming and focusing the mind. Rather than feeling depleted after an exercise-type ‘workout’, Yoga classes leave students feeling calm, strong, and rested – in body, mind, and spirit!

Contact: Sarah Getz

Fitness Matters – Kent


Our hope at Fitness Matters is to promote lifestyle change and optimal health with the intent of keeping you strong and fit for your now, and more importantly, for your future. No matter where you are in your age or fitness level we will consider your personal goals and lifestyle to create a progressive program.

One-on-One and small group personal training. Hope Lord is a true fitness and wellness professional. Certified in W.I.T.S. for Personal Training; educated in facilitating full lifestyle enhancement. I am offering a 20% off for first time clients on a package of 8 personal training sessions.

Contact: Hope Lord

ergFIT by Litchfield Hills Rowing Club – Bantam


Jump on the Indoor Rowing Craze – It WILL Kick Your Butt

What is ergFIT and why should you try it? – Our ergFIT ‘rowing’ fitness classes at the LHRC Indoor Facility offer a high-energy, music pumping, dynamic workout in a fun group atmosphere under the supervision of LHRC’s experienced and well-versed rowing coaches.

ergFIT will help you achieve your personal fitness goals!   Each 45-minute class, will help you increase flexibility, cardio fitness, tighten core, burn fat and calories as well as improve overall body strength. Each ergFIT class is designed by our coaching staff, teaching proper technique in order to maximize your fitness and is suitable for any level. No experience needed.

Whether you are looking for a high-paced, challenging fitness class or something a little more relaxed, our coaches will help find what you need. ergFIT is a wonderful alternative or a complement to so many other workouts and is designed to be challenging and help you through the long winter months.

Class Schedule: Mon/Wed/Friday @ 6, 7, 8am.W/F-6:30 pm Limit 16 per class, first class is free

Contact: Pete Donohue
ergFIT is offered by Litchfield Hills Rowing Club

Jazzercise – New Milford

009-Peter Oberc copy

(Erika – top left, me – top right, Christine, Owner and former Rockette! – bottom right, and Tiffany – bottom left)

Jazzercise is a “pulse-pounding, beat-pumping fitness program. It’s a calorie-torching, hip swiveling, Shakira’d-be-proud dance party with a hot playlist to distract you from the burn.”

I love ALL things active, but Jazzercise is my main squeeze! I was a student for 2 years before becoming an instructor 8 years ago. It’s an hour that you get to dance, see your friends, sweat, laugh, lift some weights..and did I say sweat?! We hit it all in one class. We offer a variety of formats; Dance Mixx, Interval, Strike, Fusion, Strength and Core. To be “able” to dance is not a pre-requisite. Everyone and anyone can enjoy our classes. It’s as challenging as you make it, and we all teach really easy to follow, fun classes. Come give us a try 🙂

Contact: Christine OBerc

Photos by Lora Karam except Jazzercise photo by Peter Oberc.

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  1. Sue Edelstein says:

    Great piece Bev and Lora – Thank you! All places look amazing. Might try many of them. 🙂
    You guys continue to support our community so beautifully. Don’t stop!

  2. I love fitness at the edge in middlebury, ct. A women only gym that offers lots of high energy classes along with free weights and machines. The owners/trainers are terrific! Check out

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