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We’ve been shopping Shop Cathy B for a wee while now. We’ve witnessed its evolution from a small collection of cool items from Ibiza and the cutest accessories from all over – to a really cute store in Woodbury – to an even cuter, and bigger store in Woodbury, right next to Marketplace. Yep, we declare this a destination boutique. Grab your gal pals, have a lovely salad and cocktail at The Marketplace, then wander right next door for some awesome shopping. Our kind of afternoon!

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And believe us, we needed that cocktail before we peeled off our layers (yes, still cold in April!) to reveal some whiter than white skin. But, the lure of pretty spring clothing will win every time. Here are some of the cute outfits Cathy B (Boskoff) herself, and her team put together for us. And later, a little Q+A with Cathy.

All clothing, accessories, gems, and cute things we’re wearing can be found at Shop Cathy B (don’t ask us about our shoes lol!).

Pop of spring-daytime-casual-chic

The collar is wired so you can “pop” it any old way!
Can’t get enough of embroidered jeans!
The more shredded the better!
Whaddya know, cracking up.

Late afternoon-might-run-into-cocktail-hour glam

Definitely going out to dinner – upping the game wear


Time to meet Cathy B!

Aka, Cathy Boskoff!

Tell us a little bit about your career/life before Shop Cathy B…
My career was selling real estate on the north shore of Long Island for 25 years, raised 4 children there, and moved here after the kids were all married and settled. We picked here in Litchfield County to be within 90 minutes of them.
Was owning a women’s clothing store always a dream?
Owning a store was never a dream…but I saw that the area needed it badly and the business part of me wanted to work again. I knew this was a perfect challenge. I pride myself on having things that you can’t find at the mall or TJ Maxx!
Love everything about these boots!
Your favorite bit about owning Shop Cathy B?
My favorite part of owning the store is meeting people. The people up here are so nice. Also, being able to help dress a woman and have her feel really good about herself is an amazing feeling!
What trend do you love for spring?
I love the clothes that have a bit of the sixties, boho look…maybe because that was my favorite decade for clothes, I don’t know!
What one item (that you sell) should we all be buying for our spring/summer wardrobe?
A great pair of white jeans is a staple for summer! I sell 2 great lines, Kut from the Kloth and Just Black Denim. They’re both incredibly comfortable and a great fit, also very well priced! We have so many styles and great colors with lots of choices of hems..fringe, cropped, step up.
What can we find Cathy doing when she’s not at the store, or working?
Loading the dishwasher, and juggling seeing my kids and grandchildren!
And of course, “Gaga” (what her grandkids call her 🙂 Cathy B now carries an incredibly cute collection of baby things! Soft and super cute. Next time you need a baby gift go check out their collection of Barefoot Dreams. I’m not sure how they make any fabric this soft!?

More pretty things ?

I mean c’mon, we all need flip flops like this!
And we’ll leave you with a couple from the blooper reel…
Ok, so maybe there was some champagne while we shopped. Thanks, Shop Cathy B! And you’re right, new favorite jeans!

 641 Main Street South, Woodbury, CT 06798
Words: Bev/ Pics: Lora/Bev + pics of us together by Gina from The Pigment Group
Freshly blown out hair by Byrde + b (there’s a b theme)

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  1. This boutique is super cute, I need to shop there soon!

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