Jeanne Street, spiritual medium, healer, author & speaker

We’ve known of Jeanne Street for a while (she’s well-loved in the Litchfield County community and beyond) but never actually met her. Today was our day! Jeanne is a healer and medium (also an author and a speaker) and meets with clients to gently guide them towards their highest self. Yep, we want some of that!

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No matter where you stand on the topic of spirituality, there’s no denying that we could all benefit from time spent with Jeanne Street. We instantly felt the love and energy shining out from this lovely lady and enjoyed hearing what she had to say. We experienced a mini session during our time with her and both left wanting more!

Grandmother of 5 – we want what she’s having!

Who is Jeanne Street?

A Catholic girl in an angel world. Known as the Angel Whisperer, Jeanne works with the spiritual realm connecting people to their loved ones in heaven and to divine guidance.

Jeanne has been connecting with spirit since she was a small child, and it was her mission to live a life of service, compassion, gratitude, and love. She longs to help as many souls as possible and finds it humbling to witness the profound manifestation of energy shift and divine connection that her clients display when she is working with them.

Readings & Healing

Readings and healing sessions aren’t just about talking to the dead. Jeanne’s work is specialized and focused around healing. Sessions are geared towards connecting people to the loving messages and wisdom that they can use to improve their lives. There are no predictions, rather a redirection of how they can welcome love and joy into their lives.

Singing bowl meditation – energy changing (and goosebump-inducing!)

Jeanne is the author of The Goddess You 12 principles for living in soul alignment and The Goddess You Journal. There’s a second book in the works coming soon, Angels Don’t Lie.

We all have a Shmego

“You have a choice to listen to crazy brain; I call him “Shmego.” Schmego wants to stop you from looking at the light! He wants to have you in the back story – other people’s business, what happened in the past, people’s judgments…we have a choice to shut him off.”

Question time

Who doesn’t have questions about this stuff?!

Tell us some of the reasons people come to you?

My area of expertise is around healing. People will come to me whether they are in grief or they just don’t know what to do next. I focus on bringing them where the angels are showing.

My readings are twofold. Their loved ones will come through with validating messages, especially if that person has experienced a lot of pain or trauma. Their loved ones will come through to explain what happened in life, to validate their pain, and then we’ll see where they built walls with that pain and blocked out joy. We’ll see how we can transition them around to doing things a little bit differently.

Need more of this!

Have you always had this gift?

Always. When I was little I’d see people in my room. I didn’t understand it. I’d tell my parents and they’d say nobody was there. After a while I started to shut it off. I didn’t have the right language because I was too young. I didn’t see spirit again until I was older. I’ve always had the knowing.

Jeanne Street produces Sacred Space Sprays – Fresh On & Sage Off

Can you explain what an angel is?

This is in my new book. There’s a hierarchy of angels. First, there are archangels and they work directly for God; they are next to God. We can call on them to help protect us or deliver us a message.

Then we have angels. They are there to help guide us, but they can’t interfere with our own free will. Everyone has a guardian angel that stays with us for life.

Two universal truths the Angels have shared with Jeanne

1st The soul is infinite, meaning we are here on earth in a physical body and we are with God. This is how we can connect to our highest self, authentic self, or as some refer to as enlightenment. This is also how our departed loved ones can connect with us… because the soul is infinite there is no separation. The physical being ends, but the soul continues to evolve.

2nd Is that we all want to be loved. Every living being across the board wants to experience love. We are taught at an early age by our surroundings how to think, believe, and act. It is through these actions that we separate from the purest form of love. The people who cause us pain, they want to be loved, those we look up to or aspire to, they to want to be loved.

Our soul’s journey is to evolve closer to love.

Angels Don’t Lie – LIVE

Jeanne has a weekly Podcast and a Facebook live show called Angels Don’t Lie, where she connects listeners and callers to their loved ones in heaven, shares wellness tips and angelic guidance.

Goddess Membership

Is an online platform where women can learn and grow from the comfort of their own home. Inside the member’s area, there are master classes, tutorials, journal prompts, inspirational talks, monthly coaching sessions, and more.

Jeanne offers private readings and healing sessions. Group readings, small and large audience events. She’s also available for speaking engagements on various spiritual topics. For more information, please visit her website.

Jeanne Street

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