Switching to Sprint with Paul Marcarelli

Does the thought of switching cell phone plans make you break out into a cold sweat? Would you rather do your laundry, weed the garden, and unload the dishwasher, than try to figure out where to begin with swapping carriers? Same here!

Luckily for us, our friend and #1 Sprint customer Paul Marcarelli lives on the way to the Torrington Sprint store. So we stopped by to pick him up and bring him along to assist us with the whole process – with some careful planning, of course, as his filming schedule is pretty crazy with all of those commercials!

“Hey, you look like the Sprint guy!”

Funny story. We were standing outside the Torrington store waiting to start filming our little video when an unsuspecting Sprint customer pulled up. He gave us all a smile and noted that Paul looked a lot like the “Sprint guy” before walking into the store. When we entered with a camera following us (so that we can show you guys just how easy switching is…and all the cool bonus things you get)…said customer was like, “Ohh, you are the Sprint guy!”

Anyway, on to the story of when Lora switched to Sprint!

#Unlockingthecar with Paul Marcarelli

While we had Paul in the car with us (by his own free will), we took the opportunity to ask a few questions and also induct him into some of our #unlockingthecar rituals. Like, singing along badly to songs, and being generally silly. Paul gets us…we think.

The entire Northeast management team came out to support us. We’re feeling the love!

This guy did most of the work and had all the information. We asked. He answered. We understood. Thanks, Elijah Mesidor!

In a simple nutshell. Sprint…

  • Will give you a “clean slate” and buy you out of your current contract up to $550 – go here for all the details.
  • You and the person who referred you get $50! Nice one, Paul! Nice one, Lora! (These kinds of deals are always changing).
  • Pick a brand new phone. Lora went for the iPhone 8 Plus (OMG portrait mode gets even better, you guys!).
  • They’ll even hop into your car and help you pair your new phone up with Bluetooth before you go…because who can ever remember how to do that?
Got somewhere you need to be, Paul?
You bet we coordinated our outfits. We are detail-oriented all the way!
Yep, I switched to Sprint. Paul, former Verizon customer. Oh, snap!

Cheers, Paul! Your job here is done. Until Bev decides to follow suit!

Sprint – Torrington

954 E Main St, Torrington, CT 06790


Words: Bev Canepari / Pics: Lora Karam

Director/Editor: Jeff Oliver

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