Behind the Scenes at Robertson Jewelers

It’s been a while since we last visited Robertson Jewelers on the green in New Milford. In fact, they were one of our first posts way back in 2015. It was high time we paid Brad Tranfield and his team another visit, go behind the scenes…and of course, try on pretty, sparkly things!

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Meet Brad!

This is Brad. He’s a wealth of knowledge and a trusted professional in the world of jewelry. Robertson Jewelers has been located “on the Green” since opening in 1945. Brad took over ownership in 1975 and has been greeting his customers with a smile and good humor since! The store is big, bright, on the corner of Bank Street, and a beautiful spot to visit for your next gem.

One-stop jewelry shop

Beyond being a store to find your next piece of jewelry, you can also:

  • Sell your gold and jewelry (or trade it in for something fresh and new).
  • Fix that watch – come on, get it off your list finally!
  • Custom design anything you can dream up! Book an appointment and let the fun begin. You have the idea, they have the technology, skill & experience – all in-house.
  • Find estate & antique jewelry – unique pieces and things that speak to Brad (he knows his customers).
  • Get your jewelry repaired and appraised.

Before we get to what goes on behind the scene…

Look at these beautiful things!

Robertson Jewelers always has such a varied selection of jewels, gems, everyday pieces, statement jewelry, and keep-in-the-safe pieces. There are engagement rings to fit every budget and you’ll also find watches, clocks, and precious antiques. They have American-made lines such as Patricia Locke, Michael Michaud, and the Julie Vos collection which makes gorgeous, wearable luxury!

Have a scroll through Robertsons’ estate items. Paloma Picasso, Tiffany, Cartier, and so much swoon!

Cameos are back! Check out SJP for styling inspo.

BTS at Robertson Jewelers!

Meet Rich Macri (on the right), master goldsmith, designer, skilled CAD/CAM operator, and jeweler assistant Edin, who is also a collector of rare minerals and gems.

These two artists (who didn’t mind us hovering over their shoulders) can milgrain edges, polish bezels, hand-cut gems, engrave, create beautiful scrollwork, and produce unique setting techniques. They have all the cutting-edge technology, 3D printers included. Perhaps, “Hey, Siri, print me a ring!” is in our future?

Design your own dream jewelry at Robertson’s

Step 1: Have a conversation with the designers about what you want, like, dislike. Share images, sketches, Instagram pics, mime, whatever it takes!

Step 2: They’ll produce CAD images and drawings and make sure it’s your vision – further tweaks will be made until you say “Bingo, that’s it!”

Step 3: The big reveal – meet your new custom piece of jewelry and tweak even the tiniest details because the next step is to take it home and “cherish it for a lifetime!”

From melee to super diamonds, they have prices, qualities, sizes, shapes, and all the cuts you need. There’s a lot to know on this subject and Brad and his team do an amazing job of educating those who want to understand what they’re investing in!

If you dream it, they can build it!

Pick out your dream gem, then work with the team at Robertson’s to design the perfect mounting for your ring. It’s like Build-A-Bear only much, much better.

? Visit ?

The staff at Robertson Jewelers are huge proponents of jewelry shopping being an enjoyable, zero-pressure activity! They’ll chat to you about quality and design and want to make sure you leave happy.

Robertson Jewelers – on the green, 2 Bank Street, New Milford, CT 06776

Pics: Lora / Words: Bev

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