Coffee & Cake by the Ocean

We love coffee, cake, and CT’s coastline….which is why we came up with this post, Coffee & Cake by the Ocean!

7 coffee shops & bakeries along CT’s beautiful coast you should visit.

And why not take some cake (and/or coffee) to go, and enjoy it (&?) by the ocean (or the Long Island Sound, if you want to be all technical)?!

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Meriano’s Bakery & Cannoli Truck (Madison)

Meriano’s is celebrating 33 years in business! They specialize in cannoli and Italian pastry, cookies, cakes & cupcakes. They also have 2 ‘Cannoli Trucks’ bringing the best hand-filled goodies to the entire state and beyond. 

Our “Mom’s Triple Chocolate Cake” + cannolis were ?‍♀️. Check out their online store to place your order,

Beach, please! – Surf Club Park

Shearwater Coffee Bar (Westport + Fairfield)

Shearwater Organic Coffee has been small-batch roasting beans in Trumbull since 2013. They sell wholesale to many coffee shops and restaurants around the state, Whole Foods, and online. The love of roasting coffee led owner Ed Freedman to open coffee shops in Fairfield and Westport (where we visited).

Whoa! We had a cortado and a latte that were smoooother than Barry White. So ? , in fact, you might want to skip the sugar.

Beach, please! – Sherwood Island State Park

RJ Cafe & Bistro (Madison)

RJ Cafe & Bistro couldn’t be more charming if it tried. They serve up locally roasted coffee, soups, salads, sandwiches, paninis (so yum we couldn’t resist!), and sweet treats. There’s a cozy dining area inside, and a tree-shaded outside patio + bubble! The cafe is joined to RJ Julia Bookstore which adds even more charmingness! 

We enjoyed lattes and paninis in the bubble and took our cupcakes to go.

Beach, please! East Wharf Beach

Muddy Waters Cafe (New London)

Muddy Waters Cafe in downtown New London is a destination coffee stop steeped in history! They have a brand new glorious deck (outback, overlooking some watery vibes) where you can enjoy a coffee and delicious somethin’-somethin’. Or pull up a seat in one of many cozy nooks inside.

We got tall iced coffees and chilled on the couch, Friends style.

Beach, please! Ocean Beach Park

Good Morning Cupcake (Milford)

Good Morning Cupcake makes THE most adorable, pop-in-your-mouth-sized cupcakes. They’re mini in size and mighty in taste. They also make bite-sized cookies, bars, and desserts, and offer classes and parties, too.

We took a dozen to the beach to eat (and TikTok). You have to try their signature Good Morning Cupcake; coffee milk cakes with maple buttercream and cinnamon streusel!

Beach, please! Silver Sands State Park

JavaHut Café & Bistro (Guilford)

JavaHut is unique because it’s in a Quonset hut building, and don’t pretend you know what that is! See pic below. There’s a cute upstairs sitting area with art on the walls, and a bird’s-eye view of the talented barista art going on downstairs! Plus outside seating including a bubble (we really love the bubbles). 

Can you believe that bear!? We took our lattes and cinnamon bun to the sweetest beach ever, Shell Beach.

Beach, please! Shell Beach

Madison Coffee House & Guilford Coffee House (Madison & Guilford)

Madison Coffee House roasts their own coffee through their sister brand Mad Coffee Roasters. Besides a wide variety of lattes, smoothies, and teas, they serve breakfast and lunch all day. Their pastries and Cohen’s bagels are delivered fresh from Brooklyn daily. They also serve alcohol!

We got 2 amazing sandwiches, 2 spicy Mexican lattes, and 2 light and airy slices of cake (made by Take the Cake) to enjoy in their beautiful courtyard.

? ? Cake by the ocean ? ?

If there are any personal trainers out there reading this…we need you!

Pics: Lora Karam / Words: Bev Canepari

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