David Gavin Salon

We headed to David Gavin Salon located in Kent to learn the secrets to obtaining the perfect blow out. You know how it is; you leave the salon with hair so swishy you can’t believe it’s the same hair you walked in with. How do they do that? Well, we were determined to take notes and capture it on film so we can all get the same effect at home. Worth a shot right?! Here are the top tips we picked up…

The David Gavin Salon experience

Kasey’s Tips!

  1. While hair is wet add a small amount (less is more) of heat protection product.
  2. On medium heat, blow dry upside down to add volume, and finger dry until hair is about 75% dry.
  3. Section hair – basically the more sections the smoother the blow out (at least top half sectioned off from bottom half of head, and then those sections halved again).
  4. Patience – you have to have it. Make sure the section is completely dry before moving on. Leave no moisture! The brush should be able to slip through with ease.
  5. Brushes – for a blow out you want to use a round barrel brush, preferably vented, ceramic or tourmaline.
  6. Let the hair sit on the brush when you have completely dried a section until it cools, then release.
  7. Velcro rollers are great for some height and volume up top, and they are very easy to use. Pop them in when hair is completely dry; give them some hot air, then let them sit there while you do the rest of your bathroom primping.
  8. Remove rollers if you used them, lightly brush through your shiny, swishy locks and finish with a little hairspray!

David Gavin Salon is a beautiful, open and airy, full-service hair salon, smack in the middle of Kent. Large windows on three sides of the salon allow for great people watching outside, whichever way you turn. If you would like to go and get your own styling lesson, they are all about educating their customers.

Our hair stylists and educators for the day were Jennifer Brant and Ashley Daddona, overseen by salon manager Kasey Straiton.

Thanks, ladies! Bev has started repeating the mantra “patience, patience” while drying her hair now…and it’s kinda working!

Bev’s fave: the shampoo/head massage
Lora’s fave: the vibe – relaxing and friendly

Website: www.davidgavin.com
Address: Kent Town Center, Kent 06757
Phone: 860-927-4671
Hours: Tues 10-4, Wed 10-5, Thursday & Friday 10-7, Saturday 9-5

Music credit: “Buddy” by BenSound

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